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Korchay State Nature Reserve


By Decree No 2745 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated April 01, 2008, in the administrative area of 4833.6 ha of Goranboy Korchay State Natural Reserve was established.
The main purpose of establishment was preservation of Bozdagh natural landscape, rare and endangered animal species.
The land cover consists of ordinary and light brown, partly alluvial-meadow soils of different degree. 
The landscape consists of the plains, hilly and low mountains (Bozdag) areas.
Semi-desert and dry steppe climate with dry winters dominate in the area.
Vegetation consists of wormwood plant groups, plants of the river deposits, ephemeries.
The natural landscape of these areas is of great importance for animals and birds.
From animals which were included in the Red Book gazelle and partridge can be noted particularly. From mammals, gazelles, hares, foxes, jackals, wolves, from birds partridge, etc. are spread here.

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