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Turyanchay State Nature Reserve


Turyanchay State Nature Reserve was established in 1958. Reserve located in the territory of Agdash, Oguz, Yevlakh and Gabala regions.
The purpose of creation of Turyanchay State Natural Reserve is to protect one of the arid forest areas of the republic, namely Bozdagh arid forest landscape complex.
Semi-desert and steppe plant species formed in the area. It has unique arid vegetation. The juniper trees and shrubs and gum tree, partly the Georgian oak, Georgian birch, qaratikan, small fruity cherry, pomegranate, , saragan, ephedrine, etc. had developed here.
in Turyanchay State Natural Reserve wild boar, brown bear, badger, squirrel, fox, hare, jackal, lynx, etc. wild mammals and wild animals inhabited. Area of the reserve is most favorable for animals in the winter. From reptiles various snakes and lizards are found here. From snakes most spread is adder. Caspian turtle is often can be found in the waters of the Turyanchay. From local birds partridge, pigeon,  white-haired Asian griffin, buzzard eagles, black griffon-vulture, sparrows, slush, nightingale  etc  inhabited. Reserve as the animals like bear, sahina, golden eagle, wild eagle, which names wee included in  Red Book. 

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