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Goy-Gol State Nature Reserve


Goy-Gol State Reserve is first reserve established in Azerbaijan in 1925 in the north-eastern slopes of the Caucasus region, located in the territory Goygol. The purpose in establishment of the reserve 
is to protect nature complexes in northern slopes of the Lesser Caucasus.
The territory of Goygol reserve was divided into many parts by deep valleys. Small but fast rivers flow here. There are about 10 lakes. There are brown mountain-forests, and mountain-meadow soils in lowlands. Climate is mainly cold in dry winters. Flora consists of 420 species of plants, including 76 species of trees and bushes. At 1100 - 2200 m height, leaf-bearing trees: eastern beech, eastern oak, hornbeam trees. At surroundings of Goygol lake pine, hornbeam, oak, fir-tree, bird pear, dog-rose, hawthorn, plum. There are 30 species of mammals, 6 species of reptiles, 3 species amphibians, 1 specie of fish, 46 species of birds. Roe deer, Caucasian deer, Eastern - Caucasus mountain goat, brown bear, water sable, small squirrel and other animals are found here. From birds, sheep eating bird, bald karkas, partridge and others are available here. At Ellaroglu mountain chain (alt. 710 m), Eldar pine-tree reserve branch is available. At these steep slopes with oak land (an area of 392 ha) Eldar pine forest is located. In addition, sparse pine forest in this field, Eldar pine-tree, Eldar pear, juniper bush, wild raspberries, and cornelian cherry trees grow here. From trees - Eldar pine-tree, a pomegranate, hook-shaped pine, and from animals - Caucasian brown bear, from fauna - a dry frog, river and lake fishes were included in the Red book.
The reserve was abolished several times (in 1950,1961) , its status was changed and in 1965 was reorganized for 3rd time. Its area consists of two parts: Goy-Gol State Natural Reserve and its Eldar pine-tree branch.

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