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Pirgulu State Nature Reserve


Pirgulu State Natural Reserve was established by Decision of the government of Azerbaijan, dated December 25, 1968, at the eastern edge of the Great Caucasus Mountains  at  area of 1521 hectares, in the territory of Shamakhy administrative region. The main purpose of establishment of the reserve was to prevent  erosion processes and pollution affecting the atmosphere and functions of Shamakhy astrophysical station, as well as to preserve the typical mountain-forest landscapes that are specific to this particular variety of vegetation, fertile layer of soil, forest cover in the field of natural growth, as well as valuable, rare, and industrially important animals and birds, creating favorable conditions for scientific-research work. 
Forests of these area are known for creating of rich, a charming and beautiful Landscape. The prevailing species are hornbeam, oak, beech trees. They consist of both clean and mixed forests. In this case, in mixed forests ash, birch, garachohra, white birch, willow, walnut, cherry, apple, pear, etc. trees, damirqara, medlar, hawthorn, blackberry, wild boar, barberry, etc. shrubby vegetation are spread.
Fauna consists of various species of animals and birds. From mammals roe deer, wild boar, brown bear, jackal, rabbit, squirrel, wolf, fox, deer, chamois, billy goat, bear, lynx, doll, badger, birds, pheasant, thrush, wood pigeon, quail and oriole, woodpecker, crow, partridge and other species are found.
In Pirgulu State Nature Reserve from the mammals-brown bear, chamois, and from birds, partridge, golden eagle, steppe eagle, etc were included in the Red Book.

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