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Beshitchay State Nature Reserve


Beshitchay State Natural Reserve was established by decision of the government of Azerbaijan dated on July 4, 1974 in Zangilan region. The reserve is located in the valley of Basitchay. The reserve was established to protect rare plane tree forests.
Beshitchay is the smallest of reserves of the republic. Its area is 107 hectares.
The main tree of the area covered with forest trees is eastern chinar. The reserve area belongs to the type of temperate climate with dry winters. Summer is typically hot.
It is known that chinar has 7 species in the world. But in Azerbaijan its only one type – eastern chinar grows. In view of  various importance of eastern chinar, being less spread in the world, the rare plant and significant reduction in the last century  it was included in Red Book of Azerbaijan.
In the surrounding areas of the reserve, and sometimes in itself the wolf, wild boar, badger, roe deer, hares, various rodents and etc mammals, partridge, pigeon, etc. birds can be found.
It should be noted with regret that at present the reserve of eastern chinar, Beshitchay reserve occupied by the Armenian aggressors.

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