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Garayazi State Nature Reserve


Garayazi State Nature Reserve was established in 1978, in the Kazakh region. Nature reserve complex of well-known Garayazi forests is reserved here.
The area of the reserve mostly consisted of forests, and less part with areas without forest covers.
Forest bushes, young trees were developed relatively better.  They are mainly white leave poplar, oak, hawthorn, blackberry, amorphous, willow, qaramurdarja, sloes, etc.
For the richness of the fauna Garayazi forests has a special importance. Here, deer, beaver, squirrel, doll, rabbit, wild boar, fox, jackal, fox, wild cat, and so on mammals settled in.
The reserve has the schema, bream, sirbit, etc. permanent residents-fishes of the Kura Rive.
One of the main goals of the reserve is to protect the fauna, to protect favorable natural conditions to protect animals living here.

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