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State Nature Reserve of the Mud volcanoes


A group of mud volcanoes of Baku and Absheron State Nature Reserve was established in 2001.
Azerbaijan is known as a unique and classic region of development of mud volcanoes on the Earth. More than 300 mud volcanoes out of 800 in the planet are located on the east and the bordering area of the Caspian Sea. Most of the mud volcanoes were spread in Baku and Absheron peninsula and some of them considered as a natural monument. With full firmness Azerbaijan may be called as the land of volcanoes and these volcanoes are our national and natural wealth.
For natural appearance and characteristics 23 mud volcano was given a status of the geological natural monuments,  in order to organize a reliable protection of the mud volcanoes in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources The Scientific Coordination Council on Mud volcanoes was established with the participation of specialists of the  National Academy of Sciences

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