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Ismayilli State Nature Reserve


Ismayilli State Nature Reserve was established on June 1, 1981. With order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev dated 08 December 2006 Ismailli State Natural Reserve was included in the territory of Shahdag National Park. 
State Reservation function under the Reserve the reservation covers the area from southern slopes of greater Caucasus in Ismayilli region till areas of 3629 meter of altitude above the sea level. The reserve was established in 1969.
The reserve’s water supply network consist of Goychay, Akhokhchay rivers, it tributaries and hundreds springs.
In the forests of the State Nature Reserve of Ismayilli beech, hornbeam, oak (chestnut, Iberia and eastern) partly ash, lime, garachohre, maple, etc. trees are spread. From them chestnut leave oak and garachohre were included in the Red Book of Republic of Azerbaijan.
In Ismayilli State Nature Reserve the fauna is very rich. Here roe deer, wild boar, he-goat, chamois, noble Caucasian deer, bear, wolf, lynx, forest cat, jackal, fox, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, pheasant, thrush, wood pigeon, quail and oriole, woodpecker, etc. animals and birds are available. Chamois and lynx were included in the Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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