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Zagatala State Nature Reserve


State Natural Reserve of Zagatala is one of the oldest reserves in the republic. The reserve was established in 1929 in the Zagatala and Balakan administrative districts. The reserve is bordered by the Republic of Georgia.
The main objective of the creation of the Zagatala State Nature Reserve was to preserve forests, irreplaceable nature of the soil, and water keeping features of the area, to protect natural complex at south slope of the Greater Caucasus, its plants and animals.
The reserve has more than 1000 plant species. From species forming the forests beech, oak, hornbeam, lime, ash, chestnut, walnut, apple, pine, etc. can be shown.
32 species of mammals, 89 species of migratory and local birds live here. There are  4500 the Eastern Caucasus he–goat, 1000 deers, 700 chamois, and  nearly 2000 wild boar.

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