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Emigration press of Azerbaijan



Emigration press of Azerbaijan is one of the most important branches of the press. The emigration press is a media that continued to publish in abroad after the overthrow of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, continued struggle for freedom in abroad by the political immigrants of Azerbaijan, public figures of Republic and their followers throughout the twentieth century and lasted till the breakdown of the Soviet Union, mostly in Turkey and some Western European countries. On September 26, 1923, emigrated press was published in Istanbul, Turkey, with its first example of the New Caucasus Journal. The main aim of the magazine published by M.A.Rasulzade was the support of the ongoing struggle for national independence, to rescue the country from the Bolshevik occupation. In 1927, The New Caucasus has stopped functioning after the pressure of the Soviet Union on Turkey. However, by 1932, until Azerbaijani immigrants were removed from Turkey they could continue the publication by other names. At that time, the migrants of Azerbaijan had published in Istanbul Azeri Turks (1928-1930), Green leaf (1928), Land of fire (1929-1931) collections and Report (Bildirish) newspaper (1930-1931). With minor differences the programs of those publications was same like  The New Caucasus.

The New Caucasus was published in Arabic alphabet and first 20 issues of Azeri-Turk” in the Arabic alphabet but later 10 issues in the Latin alphabet. In the collection the publication written in publications genre dominated. For immigration publicistics the bellicosity and rebellion on the one hand, on the other hand, longing, country thirst was very common. Glorious memory of the Azerbaijani press (New Caucasus, 1926, № 9), The way we follow (Azeri Turk, 1928, № 1), The simple in the revolutionary front (Azeri Turk, 1928, № 18), The tragedy of Afghanistan ( Land of Fires 1929, № 1), One teaching affliction (Land of fires, 1929, № 3), Joint Caucasian Front (1932, № 12), Turkey and Europe (1932, № 13), An anniversary of the regime (1932, № 20), Democracy and the Soviet Union (1932, № 30), We have hope and we have right (Independence, 1932, № 23), United liberationists Front (1933, № 9), In the Far East (1933, № 34), The nature of the national Azerbaijani movement Azerbaijani Knowledge Journal, 1934, № 29), An overview of the information on Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan (Ankara, Turkey), 1952, № 9), The black day of Azerbaijan ( United Caucasus, 1953, № 3-4), The declaration of independence (United Caucasus, 1953, № 5) were the most beautiful examples that have been published.
One of those who stayed in forward of the liberation movement, about whom the Azerbaijani emigration media wrote, published journalistic articles was Mirza Bala Mammadzade.

His article like The eight-year road (New Caucasus, 1926. - № 4), The battle for the liberation of Baku - 15 September victory (New Caucasus, 1927. - № 24), 31st  March (Land of fire, 1929. - № 2), Musavatists and the communists (Land of fire, 1929. - № 4), The Bolshevik and Dashnak (Land of fire, 1929. - № 5), The Parliament of Azerbaijan (Land of fire, 1930. - № 11) , The life and the media of Azerbaijan (Land of fire, 1931. - № 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Azerbaijan and the Bolsheviks (Land of fire, 1931. - № 27), Communists and independence (Land of fire, 1931. - № 27), The 15th anniversary of a massacre (Independence, 1933, № 31), First of all, national sovereignty (Caucasus, 1952, № 15), The case of population and non-Russian nations of the Soviet Union ( United Caucasus, 1953, № 3-4), Mirza Fatali and case of the alphabet (United Caucasus, 1953, № 3), Russian imperialism and its tools (United Caucasus, 1953, № 5), Independent Azerbaijan ( United Caucasus, 1953, № 5), The most important day of the new history (United Caucasus, 1953, № 7), The national day of victory of Azerbaijan (United Caucasus, 1953, № 9), The last 50 years of the national history (Azerbaijan, 1956, № 1), and so on series of articles published in the media. 
Husein Baykara, outstanding public figure, has a special place in emigration publicistics of Azerbaijan. Like other migrants Hussein Baykara begins the fight for independence of motherland in a foreign land, made appeals in the press about the state of Azerbaijani people in his scientific and journalistic articles. While reading his articles, we see that the talk is just about Azerbaijan. Including articles like The issue of Nakhichevan and the Armenian pressure on Azerbaijan, Indirectly the 50th anniversary of Azerbaijan\'s independence”, Two military victories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Abbasgulu Aga Kakhikhanov, from those who made the Azerbaijani renaissance, The economic basis for independence struggle of Azerbaijan, Notes on the Book of Dede Korkut and so are of this kind.

Hussein Baykara is an author of some books about the freedom movement of Azerbaijan. In the years of struggle of Azerbaijan for the restoration of its independence (late 80s -early 90s) migrated publicistics embarked on a new stage of development. At the same time, Azerbaijan” Journal which is published in Turkey in the first years of independence, especially followed the events in Nagorno-Karabakh and around it, the socio-political processes in the country, and the reaction for it was immediate. Publicist works that left marks in the history of  Azerbaijani migration press were published in newspapers and journals of Turkey (Azerbaijani Turks, Khazar, Istanbul, 1990), of Sweden (Araz, Lund, 1991, Azerbaijan, Stockholm), of Great Britain (Light (Aydinliq, 1988, London, Land of fires, 1988 , Edinburgh), of Germany (Azer, 1990, in Berlin; Mother tongue, 1984, in Bonn; Savalan, 1967, in Berlin, Erk (Dignity), 1975), of Spain (Dede Korkut, 1988, Madrid), Belgium (Gurbat, 1984, Brussels; Land of fire, 1992, Brussels), as well as in the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation (Azerros, Azerbaijan XXI century, The voice of the nation, The Diaspora, Free time, Moscow, Azerbaijan media , Ivanovo, Azerbaijan , Yekaterinburg, Our newspaper , Kemerovo, Country, Saratov, Inam St. Petersburg, Azerbaijan, Vladivostok, Derbent, Derbent), of Estonia (Fire, Tallinn), of Ukraine (Savalan, Dnepropetrovsk, Echo Azerbaydjana, Qolos Azerbaydjana, Kiev, The nation, Simferepol), of Moldova (Araz, Kishinev). 

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