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Information Agencies


AzerTac- Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency
The history of information agencies in Azerbaijan begin with the foundation of AzerTac (Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency). 
Being founded by Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on March 1, 1920, AzerTac operated during the Soviet period under various names as well. The first name was Azerbaijan Telegraph Agency, later was Azerinform.
After Azerbaijan regained independence, the agency restored its historic name. On March 3, 1995, it was called State Telegraph Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers, and on January 17, 2000, Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency.
Now in addition to official state news, AzerTac provides information on socio-political, economic themes, science, education, culture, health-care, sports, environment, etc, continuously on the whole day. 
Now n addition to the official state news, AzerTac provides information on the socio-political and economic themes, on education, science, culture, health-care, sports, environment, etc in English and Azerbaijani on the whole day continuously.

The other information agencies in the country are the following:
1. Azeri Press Agency (APA)
2. «Azer press» Information Agency
3. «Azmedia» Analytical Information Agency
4. «Azadinform» Information Agency 
5. «Assa-irada» Information Agency 
6. «Em-pi-ey» Information Agency 
7. «Olaylar» Information Agency 
8. «Turan» Information Agency 
9. «Trend» Information Agency 
10. «İnterfaks-Azerbaijan» Information Agency 
11. Müstəqil Information Agency 
12. “Ses” Information Agency 
13. «Fineko» Information Agency 
14. «Riyad media» Information Agency

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