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Azerbaijan Radio


Azerbaijan radio was founded on November 6, 1926. On this day, the following words were sounded from the loudspeakers installed in the streets and squares: “Baku speaks!” This event was a great innovation in the political and cultural life of Azerbaijani people. 
On May13, 1928, Azerbaijan People Commissars Soviet approved the Regulations of the radio.
In 1957, Radio information Office and Baku Television Studio were united and Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee under Azerbaijan SSR Soviet of Ministers was established.
In 2005, with the order of Azerbaijan President, “Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting” Closed Joint-Stock Company was established on the basis of State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.
The first Azerbaijani broadcasters
The first Azerbaijani male broadcaster of the radio was the student of Azerbaijan Polytechnic University Ilmayil Aliyekhov and the first Azerbaijani female broadcaster was student of the Law-economics faculty of Azerbaijan State University Raya Imanzadeh. 
In the autumn of 1927, Ismayil Alibekhov was appointed the chief broadcaster of the radio. 
In the following development stages of the radio, broadcasters, including Fatma Jabbarova, Zuleykha Hajiyeva, Gultekin Jabbarli, Aydin Garadakhli, Nizami Mammadov, Sabutay Quliyev, Ramiz Mustafayev worked in the radio.

ANS CM radio
It is the first FM radio in the Caucasus, and the first private radio in Azerbaijan. The radio is named after the National Hero of Azerbaijan Chingiz Mustafayev. It began operating on May 28, 1994. The radio is broadcasted for 24 hours in a day. ANS CM is aired on the 102 FM channel. The total weekly broadcasting time of the ANS CM Radio is 168 hours. 

“Azad Azerbaijan” radio
“Azad Azerbaijan” private radio has been operating since May 28, 1998. The founder is “Azad Azerbaijan” Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. The radio is aired on the 196 and 231.4 m average waves and in the 1530 KHz frequencies. The programs of the radio ,which is aired 6 hours every day, is intended for the world Azerbaijanis and the listeners, who know Azerbaijani. “Azad Azerbaijan” Radio is broadcasted in the 106.3 FM channel.

“Antenn” radio
The radio was founded on June 1, 1998. It is broadcasted on the 101 FM channel and operates for 24 hours. The “Voice of America” radio broadcasted its programs on this channel before. 

“Space” radio
It was first broadcasted on October 12, 2001. It is aired on the 104 FM channel. The broadcasting is 24 hours long. Space 104 FM broadcasts new programs every hour.
İctimai radio 
Ictimai radio is broadcasted by “Ictimai Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. “Ictimai radio” is broadcasted on the 90 FM channel. It began broadcasting first on January 10, 2006.
There are four departments in the radio: the department of news and analytical programs; the department of science-educational, youth, and sports; the department of musical and entertainment programs; the department of literature and art.

Media FM
Media FM is broadcasted on the 105 FM channel. It began broadcasting in February 2009.
Burc FM 
The channel has been broadcasting since June 25, 1998, in Baku and surroundings. The length of weekly broadcasting is 168 hours. The radio is aired on the 100.5 FM frequency.

Lider FM 
The radio began broadcasting on November 17, 1999. The weekly broadcasting is for 168 hours. 5% of the programs are in a foreign language, and 95% in Azerbaijani. Lider radio is broadcasted on the 107 FM channel.
“106 FM” radio
It has been first broadcasted on March 4, 1999. “106 FM” radio is aired for 24 hours. 

“Nakhchivanin sesi”
“Nakhchivanin sesi” (“Voice of Nakhchivan”) was established on September 19, 2001. 
Since December 15, 2004 “Nakhchivanin sesi” radio has been operating under the Radio and Television Transmission Center of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. 
Since January 1, 2008, the channel was united with the “Channel-35” Television and passed to the joint-management system. 

Azerbaijan Bureaus of Foreign radios: 
Radio Freedom 
http://www.azadliqradiosu.az/ (the programs of the radio were before broadcasted on the 101.7 FM frequency)

“Europe + Baku” radio
It began broadcasting first on June 2, 1999. The radio was first broadcasted on the FM frequency. 

Online radios
The online radios are broadcasted only on the internet. They do not have any FM frequencies. 

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