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The Union of Theatre Figures of Azerbaijan
In 1897 started out with the name Artists\' Union, then continued its work the as Turkish Union of Actors (1920), Theatre of the Society of Azerbaijan (1948) this society since 1987 is called as the Theatre Figures’ Union of Azerbaijan. The Union of Theatre Figures of Azerbaijan uniting actors, directors, playwrights and theater professionals on a voluntary basis is the public organization. The main duty of the Union is to revive the theater process, to stimulate all new beginnings; try to integrate our national theater art with the modern art and to use all potentials for getting it. 
At the end of the XIX century, this public union that started out to function as small society, since 50-es it was formed as an organization with strong potential giving impetus to theatre process and its development.  Azerbaijan Theatre Figures Union is a real member of International Theatre Institute of UNESCO and the Confederation of International Union of Theatre Figures’ Union. Taking an active part in the National Theatre process, the Theatre Figures Union had arranged theater festivals in various formats so far (Mono spectacle, 2 Him Jim Pantomime, The National classics, 2 Experimental performances, Festival of Festivals, Children\'s Festival performances, Empty space completeness) and it helped in development of Azerbaijani art. In 1992 the Golden Dervish award has been established for Union’s Theatre figures.

Address: Baku, Sabail district, Afzaladdin Khagani, 10
Tel: (+99412) 493-17-03, (+994 12) 493-53-05
Fax: (+99412) 498-52-52

The Union of Composers of Azerbaijan
It is the biggest creative organization of professional composer and musicians of Azerbaijan and in it activity it focuses on preservation of creative multi profile of Azerbaijani music art creativity, best traditions of the national music classics and world music culture and its renewal principles. The establishment of the Union of Composers of Azerbaijan dates back to 1934.
On June 30, 1934, with the participation of the seventeen persons the Constituent Assembly of composers of Azerbaijan was held. Three from those seventeen (Afrasiyab Badalbayli, Zulfiqar Hajibeyov and Niyazi) were Azerbaijani composer, the national staff. The most important event in the activity of the Union took place three years later, in 1937, with election of the great composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov as chairman of the organization. This election expanded the scope of the Union within a short time, increased its influence, and enriched the ranks with the national staff. U. Hajibeyov led the Union for 11 years. During the past period the Union of Composers of Azerbaijan gave the great composers and great musical compositions to the musical culture of the world.

Address: AZ1000, Baku, Sabail district, Afzaladdin Khagani, 27
Phone: (+994 12) 598-08-86
Fax: (+994 12) 498-05-69
Web: www.composersunion.az

Azerbaijan Union of Artists
The Union of Artists is the largest artists\' community organization in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
In 1920, eight years after the establishment of the Baku State College of Arts the Young Artists\' Society, was founded in 1928, and thus a new generation of artists began to grow in Azerbaijan. The Union of Artists of Azerbaijan since 1932 had been functioned as the organizing committee of Azerbaijani artists, and was created in 1940 at the first Congress of Azerbaijani Artists. The main objective of the Union is to give direction to the creativity of the artists and art critics, to achieve creation of high-quality works of fine and decorative-applied art. The Union has painting, drawing, miniature and book graphics, sculpture, monumental design, decorative and so on units. In addition, the creative production workshop, exhibitions halls, art production facilities, The young artists association (since 1974) has been operating.

Address: Baku, Sabail district, Afzaladdin Khagani, 19/13
Tel: (+994 12) 493-49-94, (+994 12) 498-69-26,
Fax: (+994 12) 441-21-97

The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan
The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan is the creative public organization of architects of the republic. It was established in 1934. Since 1993 it is a member of the International Union of Architects.
The Union of Architects of Azerbaijan assists closely in designing of residential buildings and cultural amenities,  the projecting in the field of urban planning and restoration work to the government agencies and other institutions,  gives direction to the work of architects, holds creative conferences, seminars, discussions, architectural competitions, exhibitions, promotes the last achievements of world and Azerbaijani architecture.

Address: Baku, Murtuza Mukhtarov street, 24
Tel: (+99412) 598-0919
Fax: (+99412) 594-6840
Web: www.uaa.az

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