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Non-governmental organizations


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are non-commercial organizations. A phrase of the third sector means that the organization has relation neither to government agency nor to business sector. Non-governmental organizations has different and independent role in society. NGOs are mainly funded by grants.
NGOs are divided into public associations and foundations.
Public Community is entity established by individuals for carrying out exact nonprofit ojectives having public importance. Youth organizations, movements are such kind of organizations.
Funds are established mainly for aid and financing any projects.
NGOs can not engage in politics.

NGO-s registered in Azerbaijan 
Public unity of US educated Azerbaijani graduates
Public unity of Mother and child health center
Unities of Azerbaijani students & scientists studying in Germany  
Eurasia Lawyer’s Association
Agroeco-Consultinq Center
Aqroemalavanqard” Public unity
•       Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan
Araz Reseacrh Centre
Public unity of Aid to free economy 
Unity of free consumers 
Azerbaijan Center for Monitoring of ecologic standarts
Confederation of Azerbaijan lawyers
Azerbaijan Journalists Union
Azerbaijan Volunteers public Unity
Azerbaijan Human Rights Defense Centre
“Youths of Azerbaijan-America “ Public Unity  
Public Unity of Azerbaijan-Scandinavia Collaboration 
Azerbaijan Public Unity Help to development of the Azerbaijan-Bulgarian friendship
Azerbaijan Public Unity for  Studies, Training and Resource Center fro Comunity development” 
Azerbaijan Enlighter Youths Organization Azeri-Turk Women Unity
Azerbaijan Youths Union
Public Unity of Organization of protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments in occupied Azerbaijani territories
Public unity of Euro-Atlantic Organization of Azerbaijan Youths
Azerbaijan Women Republic Society
Political Culture center of Azerbaijani women  
Public Unity of “Center of defense of Rights of Azerbaijani Refugees and IDPs”
Azerbaijan Democratic Student Youths Organization
Azerbaijan Educationist public unity of well-wisher ladies
Society of Azerbaijan Oil women
Azerbaijan Kur-Khazar Charity society
Public unity of Development and Teaching of Azerbaijani music
Azerbaijan Fund of creative activities
Organization of integration of youths of Azerbaijan to Europe
Freedom Fighters Public Unity
Azeri Yurdu Young Public Unity
Azerbaijan Republic Sahhat Public Fund
Azerbaijan Public Unity of Association of Medicine Communication
Azerbaijan History entity
Azerbaijan Republic Design association of the invalids
Azerbaijan Republic Internationalist invalid fighters Fund
Azerbaijan Health Association
Public unity of assistance to democratic development of the youths of Azerbaijan
Society of defense of rights of Azerbaijan young specialists 
Public unity of Azerbaijan Afghanistan veteran 
Public unity of introducing of National Heroes of Azerbaijan Republic
Centre of the regional development in Azerbaijan
Public unity of Azerbaijan-Britain graduates
Organization of Specialists studied outside of Azerbaijan
Public unity of Azerbaijan students
Azerbaijan Republic society of defense of the rights of the landowners
Azerbaijan Futuroloigist Society  
Azerbaijan Youth Organization of Refugees and Internally Displaced persons
Public unity of Azerbaijan eye invalids society
Azerbaijan public unity of migration centre
Union of Azerbaijan Patriotic War Veterans
Public Unity of “Assistance to development of citizens association of Azerbaijan”
Azerbaijan Enlightenment Youths Organization
Azerbaijan society of young scientist, the post graduate student and holders of a master\'s degree 
Russian community in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Construction Association   
Public Unity of “Baku International Student Club”  
Azerbaijan National division of public unity of Veterinary Sanitary and Environment Protection” International Human Rights society
Public unity of International Press Club
International Eurasia Press Fund
BESAM international scientific strategic studies unity
Centre of international Diaspora
National Group of International Human Rights defense Society
International Eurasian Press Fund 
Center of Equal Rights 
Our generation public unity of association of regional development
“Biosphere” Public Unity
International Eco-energy Academy 
“Buta” Humanitarian Child Fund
Public unity of support to Society-School collaboration 
Development of Society and citizens relations 
DAN International Youths Public Unity
Dalga Youth Movement
Public Unity of Youths “For democratic Azerbaijan”
Public Unity of Democratic and Woman Initiatives
Democratic Development  and Economic Cooperation
Public unity of Democratic Reformist Youths
Society for Democratic Reforms
Fund of defense of democratic values
Public Unity of democratic entities and human right defense
Public unity of Learning Democracy
Public unity of Democracy and Human Rights resource centre
Democratic Election Center
Public unity of support to democratic elections 
Democracy and Human Rights committee
Public unity of Democratic development and economical collaboration
Defense society of the right of the Azerbaijan women named after Dilara Aliyeva
Dostluq Public unity of center of coordiantion of youths
Dan Public unity of internationalist youths  
Public unity of “Peaceful World” Study Center 
The World Young Turk Writers Unity
Dalgha Public unity of ecology and nature preservation 
Public unity of society of durable development
EL Center of development programmes 
Public unity of ecological care
Ecoleks Ecologic right centre 
Centre of effective initiatives
Aid to Electronic media
Public Unity of “Electronic Election”
Public unity of Eko- Alam
Public unity Energetic and Ecology Enlightenment 
Ecotur Public unity
Biosphere Public unity
Centre of study of the ecological problems
Public unity of ecological enlightenment and monitoring
Public unity of ecological balance
Public unity of Officers in reserve and retired
Public organization of Ecologic Stability
Public unity of Protection of Ecologic balance
Science and technical progress and education fund  
Azizbayov district development fund
Union of invalid organizations
Public unity of For foodstuff safety
Soldier Family charity society
Echo Public unity of centre of international journalist studies 
Charity public unity of support to invalids
“Eco” International Journalist Investigation center  
Public unity of association of philosophical enlightenment
Free Person Human Rights defense society 
Unity of investigation Gender and Human rights”
Public unity of young book-keepers
Unity of young international lawyers
Public unity of development of youths
Young patriot unity
Public Unity of enlightment of young generation
Ganja Child Fund
Public unity of Young Leaders educational training and development
Ganja Euro-Atlantic information centre
Educational centre for youths 
Public unity of Youth centre
Public unity of Anti-drug youths
Public unity of support to initiative of youth and development 
Bridge to the Future Youth Public unity 
Gulum child ecological organization
Gulustan Public unity of help to orphan child and women
Guzaran Public unity of social studies
Educational centre for youths
“Hasrat yolu” Public unity of help to prisoners and captives 
World of Law Public unity of legal propaganda
Public unity of Law and development
Society of humanitarian studies
Hayat international humanitarian organization
Hippocrates Public unity
Republic association of hemophilic ills  
Public unity of help centre to legal reforms
Public unity of Doctors and medical students
Public Unity of Center for legal and democratic reforms 
Helsinki Citizens Assembly Azerbaijan National Committee
HVA Regional division (Ganja)
Literary  Charity Fund named after Ilyas Efendiyev
Public unity of Intellect investigation center
Azerbaijan committee against tortures
Public unity of development of relations with community
Center of Economic and political Studies 
Center of Economic Innovations 
Unity of economic–legal enlightenment center
Public Unity of “Aid to development of public relations ” 
Public Finance  Monitoring center 
Public unity of Aid to Development of Relations with Public
Public unity of Human Rights and Democratic Society
Association of studies of public problems
Center of monitoring on Human Rights and enlightenment
Centre of economical and social development
Public unity of association of fight with insult 
İnam pluralism centre
Public unity of organization of fight against human trafficking 
Humans Rights – XXI century –Azerbaijan Fund 
Public unity of Journalism and Development Center
Public unity of Trade Union of Journalists
Public unity of support to socio-economic development of the village
Public unity of Support to solution of the problems of the village women
Constitution Studies fund
Fund of fight against the corruption
Public unity of help centre to development of the SME 
Public unity of development and stimulating of the small entrepreneurship 
Leader Women Public unity
Public unity of fight with Leukemia
Public unity of Development Fund to Carpet-weaving named after Latif Kerimov”
Defense Fund of citizen rights in media 
Public unity of National Journalism Congress
Public unity of Aid to Development of Press
Independent Scientific-Practice Juridical Center
National NGO Forum
Society of mine victims 
Independent Investigator journalists’ league
International fund named after Mahmud Kashqari”
Public unity of Media Development Centre
“Media and Civil Society” Public Union  
Mahseti Public unity of poets’ party
Marhamat Social-Humanitarian Public unity support centre
Public unity of social help to woman -veteran of war
Public unity of Modern development
Public unity of Modern society and women rights
Mughan duzu” Public unity of social development
Mughan Public Unity of help to development
Mulk Public association
Multimedia Public unity information systems and technologies centre 
Public unity of NATO Azerbaijan International School
NUR Public unity of child and young
Oil Studies Center 
Public unity of Fight with drug addiction
Committee of Defense of rights of oilworkers 
Public unity of Professional film actors Gild 
Center of women problems study 
“Caucasus” Media Research Center 
Public unity of Blood Donors Association
Woman Consensus Centre
Public unity of Women and Progress
Public unity of Women for development of Municipalities
Public unity of regional business alliance of the women
Garabagh Freedom Organization
Public unity of Qarabagh Fighters
Public unity of Invalids, veteran and martyr families of Garabagh war
Public unity of scientific studies Globalistics and Civilization 
Public unity of youth enlightenment Qizilbash 
Public unity of integration to the globalizing world
Resource Public unity of development of young
Ronahi Public unity of Kurd cultural centre
Public unity of Support to Social economic development of the regions
Public unity of defense of victim of persons suffered from radiation
Public unity of Welfare and development
Ruzgar Ecological Public unity
Resonance Public unity of youths
“Saniye” Humanitarian Information Analytic Agency 
Aid fund to development of the ownership and market economy
Centre of political technologies
Public unity of Social Initiatives Center
“Healthy generation”  Public unity
Public unity of Youths for for the sake of Peace culture 
Organization of industry, spiritual and cultural progress
Samurai Sport Club Public unity  
Public unity of aid to young invalid girls You are not alone” 
Association of SOS children Villages Azerbaijan
Public unity of support to social economical development
Public Unity of Healthcare and healthy life  
Public unity of social economical studies
Public unity of medicine and healthy life
Public unity of political enlightenment
Public unity of Saghlam World
< div>• Public unity of For Social Development
Inexhaustible Torch (Sönməz Məşəl) Public unity of cultural relations 
Public unity of legal enlightening of Sumgait youths
“Shongar” Charity Public Union
Public unity of social progress
Charity Public unity Shamsi Asadullayev 
Public unity of martyr families and Organization of the War Veterans
Institute of political plurasism 
Peace and Democracy Organization 
Public Unity of “Youths for peach culture”
TURAN Strategic Studies Center
Turk Unity
Public Unity of “Graaduates of Turkish Univertsities”
Public unity of neutral journalists
Turan unity of talents 
Traders and manufacturers Unity  
“Taraggi” Public Unity of center of Social Studies 
Public unity of enlightenment of demobilized young soldiers 
International Public unity of Evolution and Integration international 
Fund of Applied Studies
Clean World Public unity of help to women
Turan Public unity of help to citizens 
Tamas Public unity of regional development 
Unity of merchants and producers
Azerbaijan NGO alliance on child rights 
Public unity of “Happy future of children”
Land of long livers Public unity of restoration of ecology and the infrastructure 
University society of educated women
Ughur Public unity of enlightening youth
Umid-98 centre of humanitarian and social support
Citizen rights Defense fund
Public unity of Development of Citizen Society establishment (Regional Agstafa NGO)
Independent Consulting and Aid Center “For citizen Society” 
Defense league of labor rights of the citizens
Public unity of For social welfare of citizens
Public unity of Patriot educationist youths  
Public unity of Citizen Tribune
Association of “Carpet world” (Guba division)
Public unity of International Movement of Partnership for Khazar-Future
Public unity of Recognition of Khojaly Genocide
Public unity of Help to cancer affected patients 
Association of creative women
Public unity of Creative initiatives
Yaddash educationist youths Public unity
Jew society centre
YAP Youth unity
New Generation Journalists’ Unity
“Yeni Sabah” Public Unity of Aid to Social-economic development 
Yeni Hayat Public unity of humanitarian and social support
Public unity of Yeni Hayat – Economic development
Young fund “Towards innovation”
Entity of new writers and artists
Yurd Public unity of care to refugees
Yuksalish- Growth Public unity of help to social development
Public unity of Fight for rich Azerbaijan

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