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Azerbaijan Writers’ Union


Azerbaijan Writers\' Union is the greatest public organization of writers and poets, translators of Azerbaijan. The main objective of the Union is committed to support the work of young writers’ artistic, creative activities and to unite Azerbaijanis living in different countries of the world around a national literature, to expand artist-readers relationships, to promote Azerbaijan literature abroad.
In 1923, while necessary to unite Azerbaijani writers in one organization rise, a number of writers in their published appeal declared on establishing of “The Turkish writer and poets’ Union association”. The literary community was called Lightning. Red pen literary society was formed about this period as based and literary organization in Baku and gathered around the young literary men. This community united on Dec 25, 1925 all literary circles.
In early July 1927, at the first general meeting of all literary writers of Azerbaijan it was decided to unite all literary forces in an organization. Thus, the Board of directors of the Writers\' Society of Azerbaijan was formed temporarily.
 Since April 1932 the reorganizational measures began to be implemented on reestablishing of the Society of Writers of Azerbaijan and two years later, on June 13, 1934 in Baku, the Azerbaijan Writers\' Union was established at the 1st Congress of the writers of Azerbaijan.

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