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Azerbaijan Union of Journalists


Azerbaijan Union of Journalists was founded in March-April 1959. Nasir Imanquluyev, editor-in-chief Of “Baki”- “Baku” evening newspapers and Oktay Salamzadeh, writer and publicist were involved to the group of founders at that period. Israfil Nazarov, Agababa Rzayev, Fazil Sadiqov, Rashid Mahmudov, Teymur Aliyev (Elchin), Seyfeddin Abbasov (Daghli), Adil Afandiyev, Yefim Qurvich and others were in the Residium of the Union.  
The Union held congresses and plenary sessions at the time defined in its Charter, directed the work of mass media and promotion means, organized competitions, exhibitions, press conferences, and strengthened relations with the foreign journalists. They had especially close contacts with the Turkish journalists. The Union had two-year journalism art institute, photo studio, and periodical publications like “Journalism” and “Correspondent”. All these activities brought great respect to the Union. Azerbaijan Union of Journalists founded the “Golden Pen” prize on O.Salamzadeh’s initiative on May 5, 1964.
Currently, Azerbaijan Union of Journalists continues its work in the direction of combining the efforts of journalists for the formation and expression of public opinion. 

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