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The Union of Ashugs of Azerbaijan


The Union of Ashugs of Azerbaijan is the creative organization of Azerbaijani ashugs and was founded in 
1984. The Union carries out works for discovering of literary heritage of ashugs, its collection, publication, promotion and applying and assists in formation of creative activities of young talents, holds   conferences, seminars, meetings, meetings and charity events dedicated to ashug art. The Union has branches in Nakhchivan, Ganja, Shamakhy, Tovuz, Gazakh and other regions, as well as in Georgia, Turkey and Iran. Since 2010 the Union publishes Ozan world magazine.

Address: Baku, Sabail district,  Boyuk Gala, 24
Tel: (+99412) 709-33-66
Web: www.azab.az 

Oxunub: 146264