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About Mosaic



Mosaic (color structure) is an image made of same or different materials. It is one of the major forms of monumental-decorative art. Mosaic is mainly used at decorative and applied arts, ands sometimes in art machines. Mosaic is collected from simple and complex geometric template shaped cut materials and its small pieces and fixed on wax surface of lime, cement, resin or wax layers

Mosaic is assembled in 2 ways
1. Mosaic material is fixed on wall, arch layer surface (cement or resin layer) directly.
2. Fragments of stone or smalt is fixed on cardboard, as well as the picture drawn on cloth from face side (reverse), and fixing material are filled in back side. After taking out the temporary base the received block is fixed on wall or ceiling.

In the Ancient East the mosaic patterns were established, and decorative mosaic art of the ancient period had reached its high level made from stone and smalt.

The history of mosaic in Azerbaijan
In the Middle Ages the interesting decorative mosaics have been created from majolica in buildings in Azerbaijan. 
The entry gate and windows of Zaviyya mosque of XVIII century in Nakhichevan were decorated with colorful mosaics.
Mosaics were used in the famous Sheki Khan Palace, too. The façade of the building consists of network consists windows and doors, which were decorated with small pieces of wood and different colored glasses, divided by the geometric figures, which have no analogues in the world.
Mosaic samples created by modern Azerbaijani painters O. Shıkhaliyev, A. Rajabov decorate the Baku Air Conditioners plant, entry of Azerbaijan Publishing House. 
Mosaics compositions of M. Abdullayev in Nizami subway station of Baku, of M.Agamalov and M. Gafarov in Neftchiler subway station are the best examples of mosaic art in Azerbaijan. 

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