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(Latin: “carrus” means to blow up) is understood as a description of people or society in a funny situation. 
Cartoons in many cases have political content. Those who create picture cartoons are called cartoonists or cartoonist painters. A description of ugliness of the life in comic forms, reforming of internal ugliness of man are main requirements of cartoon art.
Current values and political relations are often described in cartoon in the form of satire. Cartoon deliberately describes features of the character of the event or person in the 
exaggerated and distorted form.  

The cartoon in Azerbaijan 
One of the most important areas of the Azerbaijani fine arts - cartoon genre met in the  press, in satiric magazines of XIX century for the first time
The development of the genre of the cartoon in Azerbaijan is connected with publication of the weekly satirical magazine Molla Nasreddin” on April 7, 1906. Jalil Mammadguluzade was publisher and editor in chief of Molla Nasreddin magazine. This journal during its 25 years of existence had described ugliness, defects of the society without any fear, and tried to wake up Moslems from the dream of ignorance. 
During the Second World War the propaganda posters on the theme of patriotism, anti-fascist cartoons had a very severe impact. Cartoonists who blow with the hand of satire S.Sarifzade, S. Salamzade, M. Vlasov and other’s services are undeniable. 
The creation of new traditions in the development of the genre of the cartoon was stipulated by publishing of Kirpi satiric magazine in 1952. Painters like Najafgulu, H., Z. Karimbayli, P.Sandin, A.Zeynalov, A. Alesgerov, A. Guliyev had reflected gaps and problems in the society in the pages of the magazine through the cartoons. 
Increase in interest in the cartoon genre has been accompanied by the influx of artists and professional painter to this sector. In 1950-1960 the well-known painters of Azerbaijan M. Abdullayev, T. Salahov, O. Sadiqzade, K. Kazimzade, A. Hajiyev, G. Mustafayeva and others had created worthy works in this field. 
During 1960-1970 professional work of R. Gadimov, A. Alesgerov, E. Abdullayev, F. Aliyev, M.Ismayılov, E. Avalov, M. Mammadov and other artists in this area  served to enriching of the cartoon art of Azerbaijan . 
Cartoon art of independent Azerbaijan had passed to new level in 1980-90-es. Participation of national cartoonists with global vision in international cartoon competitions and their success is connected with the names of such cartoonist like Y. Asadov, E. Mirzayev, H. Nasiroglu, S. Jafarli, K. Abdin, G. Alizade, R.Sharif, S. Soltanly, B. Hajizadeh. 
Azerbaijan Cartoonists\' Association was established in 2006. The Association is a member of the World Federation of Cartoon Organizations (FECO).  

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