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Population dynamics and natural increase in the number


The First World War in the first half of the twentieth century, the revolutionary events in 1918-1920,  foreign intervention and civil war, mass repression in the country  in 30-es years (up to 30 thousand people were killed) has a negative impact on  population growth. For example, in the years 1913-1920 the number of population was reduced for 386.9 thousand persons (16.6%). Losses in the Second World War (300 thousand people) is one of the events which led to a reduction in the number of people here. During that period the population has a strong emigration. The number of pre-war level of the population was restored only in 1955 (3277,2 thousand people).
According to the natural increase of population Azerbaijan was the first type in a group of countries. The average life expectancy in country was 72.2 years, for females 75.0 years and for males 69.4 years.  

Number of population for years (thousand people) 

Notes on table:
To see the impact of periodical events on number of population the period till 1950 was not given in decades.

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