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History of creation of the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan


The Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved a law On the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan on May 27, 1992. The law approves the March of Azerbaijan, created by prominent composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov and poet Ahmed Djavad in 1919 as the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The Law about the status of State Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been established on March 2, 1993, by the decree of the National Assembly.

Initiatives of adoption of the National Anthem during Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
Government of Azerbaijan  Democratic Republic had made definite steps, adopted decisions in the area of creation of the anthem besides other statehood attributes, too. And though the draft of the national anthem of the independent Azerbaijan Republic was prepared in 1919-1920 years but historical-political events of the time did not allow its acceptance on legislation level. So, official organ of the Azerbaijan  Democratic Republic Azerbaijan newspaper (in Russian) informed in edition dated Nov 14, 1919 that  official offers on organization of the national anthem and coat of arms were given to Government by Ministry of People Education. It is also informed in the information that Ministry of People Education deemed not purposeful to announce a competition for creation of the national anthem, and submission of drafts of anthem to competition by Feb 1, 1920 and award of 15 thousand rubles for best anthem. 
Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic had adopted a decision on “Preparation of drafts of national anthem, coat of arms and seal, military orders of Azerbaijan Republic in Jan 30, 1920 after considering the same offer of the Ministry of Education. According to Government decision, announcement of the competition on preparation of the national anthem, coat of arms and seal was entrusted on Ministry of Education and military orders on Ministry of Defense. Also it had been intended by government decision to allocate means of 50 thousand roubles to competition winner for purposes of creation of the national anthem. Basing on this decision in Feb 19, 1920 Ministry of Education  had announced a competition for creation of national anthem, coat of arms and seal in the newspaper Azerbaijan (in Russian) (19th of February 1920, No 33). According to terms of the competition persons taking  part in the competition ought to submit the draft of national anthem (as well as coat of arms and  seal) in closed envelope, as well as historical, national- moral, political factors, which make a base of draft, with its wide comments to office of the Ministry of Education by May 1, 1920. It was intended to adopt these attributes at the legislation level by the 2nd anniversary of Azerbaijani independence (28th May of 1920). But Russian Bolshevik occupation in April 27, 1920 and overthrowing and decline of Azerbaijan  Democratic Republic did not allow realization out of these great national ideas. 
Words of the March of Azerbaijan was printed in the book of National songs with name of Motherland march (Vətən marşı) in the 1919 in the government printing-house for the first time, but its music had been composed later.  March of Azerbaijan was recorded by well-known composer  Aydin Azimov for big chorus and symphonic orchestra after being  arranged  in 1989 and in the fall of the same year or the first time after 70 years\' interval its was sounded before Azerbaijani nation, as well as on state TV and Radio.

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