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The chemical enterprises in Azerbaijan



1. Sumgait “Surface-active Substances” plant;
2. Sumgait “Organic Synthesis” plant;
3. Sumgait “Household Chemistry” plant;
4. Sumgait “Superphosphate” plant;
5. Sumgait “Sythetic rubber” plant;
6. Sumgait “Mechanical repair” plant;
7. Baku “Tyre” plant;
8. Baku chemical pharmacology plant;
9. Baku Iodine plant;
10. Baku Rubber technical products plant;
11. Azerizolit Scientific Production Association;
12. Mingechevir Rubber technical products plant;
13. Mingechevir “Regenerator” plant;
14. Mingechevir Glass plant;
15. Neftchala iodine-bromine plant;
16. Salyan plastic processing plant;
17. Azerbaijan State Scientific Research Olefins İnstitute;
18. Azerikimya State Project İnstitute.
On the basis of current “EP-300”, old polyethylene, and “Polimir-120” productions of the “Synthetic rubber” and “Organic sysnthesis” plants of “Azerikimya” SC, “Ethylene-Polyethylene” plant was built in 1994. 

In the next years, the following enterprises and organizations were included to “Azerikimya” SC:
1. Garadagh Rubber Mixture plant;
2. Azərikimya Prefessional Development Institute;
3. Azərikimya State Scientific Research Chemistry Institute;
4. Azərikimya Production and Foreign Economic Relations Enterprise.

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