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Metallurgy industry



Metallurgy is the set of methods used for extracting and use of metals, important semi-metals and non-metals as well from the Earth, the ore, the salt.
The largest Metallurgy plants in the private sector in Azerbaijan are “Baku Steel Company” and “Baku Steel Casting” JSC. In 2007, annual production capacities of “Baku Steel Company” and “Baku Steel Casting” have been 286456 t and 70770 t respectively. Currently, 1722 and 450 employees work in these enterprises respectively.
The mentioned enterprises and the others generally use metal scraps as raw material.
The following enterprises manufacture various metallurgical products and mainly products from black metal in small production capacity. “Global Construction” LLC, “Atakhan Iron Industry” LLC – each of these enterprises produces up to 1000-2000 tons and has 40-80 employees. Besides, several companies (“Azad NM” LLC) with 10-100 tons of annual production capacity operate in Baku. The products manufactured mainly meet domestic demand and same portion of products are sent to neighboring countries (Iran, Russia, Turkey, etc). The raw material is provided by local resources.
Other metallurgical enterprises in Azerbaijan are the following:

“Azerpipe” JSC.
The construction of “Azerpipe” JSC began after World War II and the first steel pipe in Azerbaijan was manufactured on December 31, 1952. After the 1960s, two pipe-rolling units, 6 steel-melting Martin stoves were put into operation.
In Azerbaijan, Azeraluminum JSC, “Gandja Alumina production area” (PA), “Sumgait Aluminum” (PA), Dashkesen “Zeylik Alunite” (PA), and small enterprises with low capacity are engaged in aluminum production. “Gandja Alumina” (Pa) produces AL203 (alumina).

“Dashkesen Ore Refining” JSC
“Dashkesen Ore Refining” JSC has been operating since 1957. Initially, the extracted ore was refined in Rustavi, Georgia. After a long break, “Dashkesen Ore Refining” JSC has been leased to Great Britain’s DET.AL.Limited Company on the basis of 25 year contract since 2006.

Sumgait “Aluminum” Production area of “Azeraluminum” LLC 
Sumgait “Aluminum” plant was the first and the largest plant of non-ferrous metallurgical began in 1949, the first non-ferrous ingot-primary aluminum was produced on April 8, 1955. Since April 2000, the plant is called Sumgait “Aluminum” production area of “Azeraluminum” LLC. Currently, there are four workshops producing primary aluminum in the enterprise.

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