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Machine-building complex includes close-related fields of machine-building, such as power-engineering, electrical engineering, radioelectrnics, instrument building, device-building, transport, agriculture, etc. For the value of products manufactured and the number of employees, machine-building is in the first place among the industrial fields.
Until the recent years, Azerbaijan was specialized in the oil machine-building. The country manufactures ¼ of the total product produced in this field. One of the largest enterprises in the oil machine-building is “Bashneftkimmash Association”. This enterprise exports its products to 40 countries.
The stationary platforms produced in Baku Deep Water Jacket Plant in Sahil settlement allow for drilling 200-300 m deep wells in the Caspian. Other large enterprises of oil machine-building industry in Azerbaijan – include Machine-building plant named after Sattarkhan, Keshla Machine-building plant, Bynegedi clay and stell plant.
After Baku Steel Plant has been constructed, Azerbaijan doesn’t purchase steel from abroad.
Besides oil machine-building, electrical engineering, device-building, radioelectronics, and other new fields has recently developed in Azerbaijan.
Electronics requires highly qualified personnel and raw material. The largest enterprises of power engineering are the following: plants that produce oil-conditioning, refrigerators, accumulators, lamps, transformers in Baku, “Star” television plant in Shamakhi, cable plant in Mingechevir, water-heater plant in Salyan.
The radioelectronics plants in Baku are – E.H.M. plant, Baku radio plant, “Nord”, “Aron” plants, etc. 
Transport machine-building includes plants of automobile and shipbuilding. Small back-up vessels are built in Baku Shipbuilding Plant.
Baku Automobile Plant produces lorries and passenger cars. The Automobile Plant in Gandja manufactures “Oka” automobiles and “Belarus” tractors. The Automobile Plant in Shamakhi produces “Azsamand” and “Aziz” cars. Nakhchivan Automobile Plant, which was put into operation in 2010, may be viewed as the latest success of Azerbaijan in machine-building. The plant manfactures “Lifan” brand of automobiles.
Agricultural machinery are manufactured in Mingechevir and Zeyem.
Azerbaijani specialists on machine-building are oprepared at Azerbaijan Technical University and Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.
With the March 22, 2001 №649 Decree of Azerbaijan President, in the base of “Azneftkimyamash” State Company, an open Joint-Stock Company of the same name was established. Thus, Azerbaijan Oil Machine-building industry entered a new stage. The enterprises of the company, produce machines and devices, instruments and spare parts of 100 assortment, of more than 600 type/size for geological-exploration operation, drilling, oil extraction, repair of wells and fields, and various products for chemical industry, agriculture and other fields.
Currently, 11 plants and 2 institutes successfully realize the quality management of equipment produced in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 certificate.
At the same time, the majority of oil-gas equipment are manufactured in compliance with the specifications of American Petrolium Industry (API).
Azerbaijan military industrial complex includes the enterprises of Ministry of Defence industry. Enterprises of the Ministry belong to the following industrial fields for the products they manufacture:
“Iqlim” Scientific-Production Enterprise, “Avia-Agregati” plant, “Senayecihaz” Scientific-Production Enterprise, “Dalga” Scientific-Production Enterprise, and “Alov” plant manufacture equipments for aviation and vessels.
Baku “Radiogurashdirma” plant, “Aron”, “Peyk”, and “EHM” plants produce the products of communication and radioelectronics.
“Neftgazavtomat” Scientific-Production Enterprise, “Telemechanics” plant, and Baku “Cihazgayirma” plant produce devices for oil and gas extraction, oil procession, and chemistry enterprises, and automated management systems of technological processe.
“Automatic lines” Scientific-Production Enterprise manufactures products of power engeening and machine-building and non-standard equipment.
Plants of Ministry of Defense Industry manufactured products of defense of
350 type only in 2010.

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