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Political parties


A political party means unions of citizens having same general political ideas and objectives, participating in the country\'s political life. Political parties are established on the basis of freedom of association, voluntariness, the equality of rights of members, self-government, the principles of legality and transparency and function.
In Azerbaijan\'s history (at the beginning of the twentieth century) there were political parties like  Hummat, Difai, Ittihad, Progress, Musavat, Ahrar, etc.  In 1920, after occupation of Azerbaijan by the Bolsheviks till 1992 there was one party system in Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani Communist Party).
After gaining independence different political parties started to function.

Currently, 55 political parties were officially registered in Azerbaijan.
1. Azerbaijan National Independence Party
2. Democratic Party of Azerbaijan
3. Azerbaijan\'s secular (Bozqurd) Party
4. Revival and Progress Party
5. People\'s Democratic Party
6. Motherland Party
7. National Democratic Party of Cognition
8. Peasant Party
9. Civil Solidarity Party
10. Musavat Party
11. Unity Party
12. New Azerbaijan Party
13. United Azerbaijan National Unity Party
14. United Azerbaijan Party
15. Democratic Azerbaijan World Party
16. Independent Azerbaijan Party
17. The National Salvation Party
18. Compatriots Party 
19. Hope (Umid) Party
20. Korkut Party
21. National Movement Party
22. Communist Party
23. Party of National Statehood
24. Patriots Party
25. Democratic Party of Entrepreneurs
26. Alliance for Azerbaijan Party
27. Democratic Enlightenment Party
28. Social Welfare Party
29. Liberal Party of Azerbaijan
30. Social Democratic Party
31. Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
32. United Communist Party
33. Social Justice Party
34. National Congress Party
35. Unity Party
36. Republican Party
37. People\'s Party
38. Liberal Democratic Party
39. Party of Fighters 
40. Justice Party
41. National Unity Party
42. Modern Musavat Party
43. Free Republican Party
44. Great Revival Party
45. Freedom Party
46. Party of Democratic Reforms
47. Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
48. Progress Party
49. Great Azerbaijan Party
50. Evolution (Takamul) Party 
51. Civil Union Party
52. Classic Popular Front Party
53. Citizen and Development Party
54. Party of Intellectuals (Aydinlar)
55. New Generation Azerbaijan Communist Party

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