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Colleges, lyceums and gymnasiums


Baku city
1.  International school;
2.  Secondary school under Western University;
3.  Lyceum named after Heydar Aliyev;
4.  Baku economy branch of the private Turk lyceum;
5.  Physics, mathematics and information science lyceum;
6.  Republican art gymnasium named after A.Alakbarov;
7.  Technical lyceum under Az.Technical University;
8.  Physical and mathematical (physico-mathematical) lyceum under Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University;
9.  Modern Education Complex;
10. School-lyceum “Intellect named after T.Ismayılov;
11. Baku Europe lyceum;
12. Elitar gymnasium named after İlyas Afandiyev;
13. Baku private Turk Lyceum;
14. Gymnasium of humanitarian disciplines named after S.C.Pishavari
15. Technical-humanitarian lyceum Taraqqi named after İ.Hajıyev 
16. Azerbaijan State Railway Lyceum;
17. Foreign language gymnasium named after S.Bahlulzade;
18. Caucasian Azerbaijan Turkey private gymnasium;
19. Art lyceum named after Arif Huseynov;
20. Republic physics and mathematics Lyceum;
21. Republic chemistry Biologic Lyceum;
22. Baku Turkish lyceum (under the Baku State University, constitutor Turkey Dayanat Vakf)
23. Baku Turkish Anadolu lyceum;
24. Humanitarian lyceum of Slavic University;
25. Technical Humanitarian lyceum
26. Ataturk lyceum;
27. Baku private Turkish computer lyceum Dada Qorqud” 
28. Technical Humanitarian lyceum No 16;
29. Lyceum Intellect 49;
30. Academic gymnasium No 134;
31. Technical Humanitarian lyceum No 147;
32. Classical education gymnasium No 160;
33. School-lyceum of mathematic and nature orientation No 202;
34. “Zakalar’ lyceum NO 287
35. Secondary school-lyceum No 289 “Zangi’

Technical –Humanitarian lyceum;

1. Ganja Azerbaijan – Turkish Private lyceum;
2. Mathematics-informatics lyceum No 27 names I.Mamedov
3. Kindergarten-school-lyceum complex No 44

Lankaran branch of Baku private Turkish Lyceum;

City nature - mathematics and Humanitarian sciences lyceum;

1. Lyceum named after Heydar Aliyev;
2. Physical and mathematical (physico-mathematical) lyceum named after N.Tahirov;
3. Nakhchivan city girls’ lyceum;
4. Turkish lyceum (city boys college);
5. Nakhchivan Turkish lyceum;

1. Guba branch of Baku Private Turkish Lyceum;
2. Guba technical lyceum;
3. Nature school-lyceum No 2 named after A. Mamedov;

1. Technical and nature sciences Lyceum;
2. Nature sciences gymnasium
3. İstedad Lyceum;
4. \'Tafakkuür\' Lyceum
5. Sumgayit Computer branch of Private Turkish Lyceum

1.Sheki Azerbaijan- Turkish Private Lyceum
2. Sheki physics and mathematics and Humanitarian lyceum

Ali Bayramly branch of Baku Private Turkish Lyceum 

Oxunub: 191465