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Pre-school education in Azerbaijan  
Presently there are 1635 preschool education establishments which serve to 107954 children in the country. And 1571 preschool education establishments covering 103157 children are in the system of Ministry of Education. For children with physical disabilities 4 special preschool establishments and  16 special education group at 8 preschool establishment of common purpose function in the republic. Besides it there are 5 sanatorium type preschool education establishments in the country. Moreover 11 private preschool education establishments licensed by the Ministry of Education function here.     
Involvement of children to preschool education amounts 15.9% in Azerbaijan:
I.  In cities and towns - 23.4 percentages;
II. In village places - 8.4 percentages.
 According to Resolution No 1635 on “Privatization of some establishments and object sin the sphere of healthcare, education, sport and culture” dated August 23, 2006 240 preschool education establishments were declared open for privatization by keeping its profile. From them 84 establishments, including 48 in Baku city, 12 in Ganja, 1 in Sumgayit, 1 in Shirvan, 1 in Absheron, 1 in Astara, 1 in Aghstafa, 1 in Goygol, 1 in Khachmaz, 2 in Khyzy, 1 in Imishli, 1 in Ismailli, 2 in Guba, 2 in Gusar, 1 in Gabala, 1 in Neftchala, 1 in Oghuz, 1 in Salyan, 2 in Shamakhy, 1 in Sheki, 1 in Zagatala were privatized.
Private pre-school educational establishments functioning in the country: Shakar Bala, Kindergarten of Modern Education Complex named after Heydar Aliyev and Common Education Center  “XXI century, Azerbaijan international pre-school educational institution, Goyarchin, Kindergarten named after Z. Aliyeva, Bina, Lama, Cheburashka, Gunash and Pleyorena kindergartens. 4 establishments in Baku city, named after Z.Aliyeva, Goyarchin, Pleyorena and “Lama” kindergarten in Sumgayit city are pre-school educational institutions privatized “according to relevant Resolution of country President.  
In law “On education of Azerbaijan Republic it was noted necessity of preschool education of children.  In this view  according to  Decree No 156 of  President of  Azerbaijan Republic  dated Sep 5, 2009 on “Implementation of  Law of Azerbaijan Republic” On Education  and Clause 2.4 Resolution of Cabinet of Ministries  of AR the Ministry  of Education had prepared “Rules of preschool education” and approved by Decision No 4 of  Cabinet of Ministries  of AR  dated  Jan 8, 2010

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