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Extra-scholastic education is very suitable for physical healthy growth, development of creativity and intellectual levels, inclinations, skills and interests of children, juvenile and young. This education is built on the basis of voluntariness, and is led together with families, education establishments, public organizations, creative unions, societies, funds, labor collectives and with the aid of separate citizens. These have been included to extra-scholastic establishment: children- youth art palaces, houses, clubs, centers of  artistic, aesthetic, technical, ecological, tourist and ethnography,  school of children-youth, sport an chess.
Children, pupils, students being engaged in the extra-scholastic establishments use services of the extra-scholastic establishments free of charge and with concession. These are possible grouping of basic activities directions of the educational institutions:
1. Circle seminars;
2. Holding of the cultural and mass measures, sport competitions;
3. Instructive –methodic works.
374 non-scholastic establishments function in the system of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. 332120 pupils had been involved in same establishments. 11751 pedagogic staff is engaged with their education and discipline.
Presently there are 81 children creative centers in the system of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. 89628 children are engaged in 6691 groups of these centers and 2827 pedagogic staff work with them.
In children Creative Centers mainly circles under following names are set:   Talented hands, Art reading, Painting”, Carpet weaving, Drama, Artistic amateur club, School theater, Dancing, Young sportsmen, Knitted cloth, Technical aesthetics, Piano, Chorus, Photo, Carving of wood etc. 
63 technical creative centers function in the republic. These are engaged 66 children in 5141 groups of the centers and 2157 pedagogic staff workers. Circles under name of Primary technical modeling, Radioelectronics, Electrotechnics, Robot technics, Chemistry, technology etc  function in these centers.
6472 children are engaged in 477 groups of extra-scholastic education centers in the republic and 195 pedagogical staff work here. Mainly Art reading, Debate clubs, Painting studio, Children parliament, Informatics, Electrotechnics, Chemical technology, History-ethnography, Piano, Technical aesthetics etc circles are organized in these centers.
Centre of 10 young tourists and ethnography carries out activity in the republic. 10835 pupils in 797 groups of these centers are engaged here and 310 pedagogical staff work here. Centers of young tourists and ethnography mainly set its activity on following directions:
1. Our heritage;
2. In the art world;
3. Azerbaijan in the international world;
4. Fighting for independence of Azerbaijan;
5. In marches on constructions of Azerbaijan;
6. Towards mystery of the nature;
7. Till tourism mastery from the mass character. 

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