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All over the world, including Azerbaijan the development of the book art is related to XI century. Starting from this period the great works of literature have been written, the libraries have been created in order to keep them preserved. 

The modern level of book publication 
Along with the large state publishing houses, private publishing houses operate, too. Thus, along with the state publishing houses like Azerneshr, Maarif, Genjik, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia Publishing-Printing Union more than 150 publishing houses are engaged in printing book and other printing works in the private sector. 
According to statistics, every year over 3000 names of books and booklets on various scientific areas are published in the country.

Abulhasan Bakhmanyar (993-1066) - One of the persons who rendered invaluable services in the field of library science, a student of Ibn Sina. 
There was personal library of Bahmanyar , the great founder of 11th century book. His own works had main places in the library: Book of Education, Logic of the book of splendor , “The Book of Beauty and happiness, The theme of the science of metaphysics, Treatise on stages of reality, etc. Education of the book brought fame of the author not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the world. Work has been translated into Arabic and Persian languages. One of the Persian copies of the book of the following years is kept in Institute of Oriental Studies of Uzbekistan named after Biruni and another one in the library of the Council of the National Assembly of Iran. Arabic manuscript copies are kept in the number of libraries around the world (Beirut, Istanbul, Cairo, London, the Vatican) and protected, and the book which was in the form of manuscript over eight centuries in the world for the first time it was published in 1971 in Tehran, in Arabic. The volume of the work is 900 pages. 

Khatib Tabrizi (1030-1109) - one of the persons who had unique services in development of Azerbaijani library science.
Kh. Tabrizi ran a rich personal library in Tabriz. Kh. Tabrizi, known as the first theorist of literature had taken as a gift some books from own library when going to the Arab scholar A. Muarri. When he was buried in Baghdad an exhibition from those books (17 titles) and all of his works was arranged. 

Nasreddin Tusi (1201-1274) - a famous scientist who participated in collection of Azerbaijani and the world’s books and delivered to future generations. 
Historical sources reads that, while being in prison of Alamuq castle for more than twenty years Tusi worked as a library director  of Seyyidana created by Hasan Sabbah. Tusi had organized a library at Maragha Observatory by the order of Hulaki khan and had collected here more than 400 books from various countries around the world. Unfortunately, warriors occupied Baghdad after Hulaki khan, as well Tamerlane, had burnt these books. 

Fazlullah Reshidaddin (1247-1318), XIII-XIV century, one of the persons having an important role in the development of Azerbaijani library science. 
F. Reshidaddin had established libraries in Tabriz, Qazaniyya and others urban areas. There were two libraries on his name in Rashidiyya town at the north- west of Tabriz, at the same time university and one library in its structure. Books in both libraries with more than 60 books, including first university of Azerbaijan  Rashidiyya» library, the library of the city\'s mosques and healing home are brought from Iran, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Byzantine, etc. countries. The rich libraries organized by Rashidaddin were considered second big center of science after N. Tusi in the country. 

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