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Decorative and applied arts


Types of decorative and applied art are carpet weaving, batik (silk kerchief), gobelin, pottery (ceramics), knitting, embroidery, jewelry, art glass, art carving (wood, metal, stone, bone carving), etc. Decorative -applied art is called among people as Folk art. Folk art is the fine and applied art created thanks to the efforts of the people and providing his life and reflecting the taste of people in self. 

The art of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan is one of the most interesting arts which is closely connected with the nation\'s spiritual life and mode of artistic creation and having centuries-old traditions.  There are biggest carpet making schools in Azerbaijan like Garabagh, Gazakh, Tabriz, Shirvan, Baku and Guba. 

Batik (silk kerchief) 
Batik is  an ancient type of art, gives the meaning of silk kerchief. Silk kerchief is square-shaped woven women\'s veils made of silk. In the western zone of Azerbaijan it is called as charqat. Production of silk kerchief is known in Azerbaijan from ancient times. Silk kerchiefs of high quality was made in Tabriz, Ganja,  Sheki, Nakhchivan cities, Basqal village of Ismayilli. Even since Middle Ages  Ganja and Basqal silk kerchiefs were exported to foreign countries. 
In Sheki and Basqal silk kerchiefs Shah-buta, Saya buta, small almond-shaped pattern was used more. Motley silk kerchiefs known as  Heyraty, Soqani”, Istiotu, Albukharı, Abi, Yeleni became famous. 
At present, there are many dynasties continued the work of weaving silk kerchief. The Samilovs  are considered to be skilled master of this art in Sheki. 

Gobilin is the art of feeling and senses, thinking manner. Gobelin is widespread in the world, and the culture of the ancient folk art of the carpet plotting in Azerbaijan. The world-famed art developed by the Arabs in the XII century and gradually spread to many eastern countries. Besides being the most used item of turkish people in the household, gobelin was also very useful and example of the beauty of art giving wonderful beauty to people\'s homes, palaces, castles as a symbol of aristocratism and piece of décor. 
The basis for the techniques of preparation of gobelin is pre-painted sketch, ideas. 

Knitting and embroidery 
Local silk and wool yarn and local moulds were used for the embroidery. Vegetable dyes are used for coloring. 
Describing the birds was preferred in this art. Pictures of pairs of birds met mostly in art are the most ancient and famous motive of decorative and applied art products. 
The most widespread form of the type of embroidery is scale knitting. Scale knitting is one of the popular-artistic knitting. Small scales cut from metal (iron, bronze, silver, gold) in the form of circular are attached on silk curtains, mirror covers, in particular, fans, and makes various forms of plant and geometric forms and ornaments. In such knitting artistic decoration are the main pre-condition. Scales are used widely in the Middle East, Central Asia and Azerbaijan (Garabagh, Ganja, Nakhichevan, Baku, Nuha (Sheki in present). 

Art glass 
Art glass is reflection of decorative items, stained-glass windows in interior. Among the oldest examples of fine art samples of various types and forms of artistic glass found in Mingachevir, Shamakhy like decorative plates, cups, women\'s accessories show existing of manufacture of art glass in Azerbaijan. 

The art of carving: wood, metal, stone, bone carving 
The art of carving is one of the oldest and most widespread types of the decorative arts. It is worked on stone, wood, bone and other materials. Stone carvings in the most ancient settlements (Gobustan, Gamigaya, etc.) of Azerbaijan are examples of the art of carving. 

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