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Jeweler\'s art



Household items, adornments of the XVIII century, made of metal, mainly decorated with 6 technical ways. These are the doyma (forging), qarasavad, shabaka (network), khatamkaliq and minachiliq.
Forging in jewelers’ art is one of the most ancient methods. In the VIII century household items, weapons, adornments were produced mainly by the method of forging. 
Minachliq is areas of jewellers’ art raising its level to highs. One of the most difficult and interesting areas of minachiliq is curtain minachiliq, which is mostly used in Tabriz, Nakhichevan and Baku. The method of minachiliq is filling of any a carved place with image using open-colored liquid (juice). 
Qarasavad is mostly used on silver, because silver gives more clear and white lines on black. The picture is drawn on forged silver surface by method of scratching and then its surface is covered with black liquid. Method of qarasavad was adorned mostly with items of decoration (belt, dagger, pistol, powder case, etc.)
Khatamkarliq has a great heritage in the field of jewelry art. To decorate the dagger, sword, variety of art works with this method the item is holed slightly and then the holes are warmed and filed with silver and other colored metal nails. After finishing of all this process the surface of item is polished and it looks like some nice mosaics. One of the most difficult and interesting area of khatamkarliq is to write and draw picture on the item with precious metal. 

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