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Azerbaijan national-historical tragedies


In battles between Gajars and Russia in 1803-1813 and 1826-1828 Azerbaijan was divided into two parts. According to Gulustan treaty concluded in October 13, 1813 Khanates in the north of Azerbaijan territory like Ganja, Karabakh, Shaki, Lankaran, Shamakhy, Guba, Derbend annexed by Russia except Khanates of Irevan and Nakhchivan. But according to Treaty of Turkmanchay dated Feb 10, 1918 Irevan and Nakhchivan khanates were also annexed to Russia So, Azerbaijani land was divided.

From March 30, 1918 till April 2, 1918 with aid of Baku Council Armenians committed genocide against Azerbaijanis. During the bloody slaughter which continued 3 days over 12 thousands Moslems were killed.  

From April 1918 till September Armenians with the aid of bolsheviks had committed genocide   against Azerbaijanis Shamakhy, Guba, Khachmaz, Lankaran, Goychay, Kurdamir, Hajigabul and  Salyan. At result of this genocide 58 villages were destroyed Shamakhy province, about 7 thousand people were killed, 122 villages were destroyed in Guba province, hundreds civilians were killed.     

Armenian forces under command of Andranik began genocide against Azerbaijani population in summer of 1918 in Nakhchivan and Zangazur regions. Dashnaks had destroyed more than 115 Azerbaijani villages in Zangazur, 21 villages in Javanshir, Jabrail, Shusha regions, over 60 villages in Irevan region. Over 100 thousand people were driven out from native places. 

In April 28, 1920 Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was occupied by Soviet Russia. This state, which was functioned for 23 months, had remained till 1991 in structure of the USSR.

In December 23, 1947 the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR decided on Resettlement of collective farmers and other Azerbaijanis from Armenian SSR to Kura-Araz lowland of Azerbaijan SSR. Over 100 thousands Azerbaijanis were driven out during 1948-1953 years from native lands.

In January 20, 1990 Soviet Army committed genocide against civilians in Baku and other points of the republic. During the attack of the Soviet Army in Baku and other settlements of the republic, according to official information, 131 persons were killed, 744 persons were wounded, 4 persons missed, and a lot of people had been arrested.

About 230 thousand Azerbaijanis were driven out from 185 villages of Armenia, as well as from other settlements in 1988-1991 years, and 225 persons was killed, 1154 persons were wounded.  

In Feb 26, 1992 Khojaly genocide was happened. Armenians killed 244 persons with help of the Russian army in the Khojaly, over 200 persons missed; the number of the persons died from freeze was 700. 

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