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Historical battles


Ahamani king Kiros II was defeated in battle against massagets living in the north of Azerbaijan and led by Tomris, in the war in the 530, and self had been killed.

In battle between Macedonians and Ahamanids in 331 BC Albanians, sakasens, saks also fought in side of Ahamanid Army against Alexander the Macedonian.

Albanians had been defeated in battle near the River Alazan in 65 BC against Romans.

In 359 BC in Amid battle Sasanid-Albanian state from one hand and Roman-Armenian state on the other hand came face to face. Sasanid-Alban union gained a victory in the battle. Occupied provinces of Albania Arsak, Country of Mars and Kaspiana were gotten back after Amid battle.

Romans with Armenian groups have won Dzitay battle in 371. After this defeat Albania had lost temporarily provinces of Uti, Sakasena, Girdman and Kolt.

Albanian troops have defeated Sasanid troops in the battle that took place in 450 near the town Khalkhal.

In Kadisiyya batlle that took place in 636 between Arabs and Sasanids Albanian prince had fought together with Sasanid forces under the leadership of Rustam. Javanshir had been rewarded by Sasanid king Yazdagird III for bravery showed in battle.

When Arabs had surrounded the capital of Sasanids Ktesifon city in 638, Albanian ruler Javanshir had defended Ktesifon during six months with its 3 thousand troops together with Sasanids.

During offence of Arab forces to Azerbaijan under leadership of Huzeyfan in 639 in battle that took place little far away from Ardebil, near the Jarmidan mountain the Azerbaijani troops led by Isfandiyar ibn Farrukhzada was defeated.

Albanian troops had gained a victory over Khazar troops in battle that took place in 662 in the banks of Kura river under the Albanian ruler Javanshir.

In Aug 24, 944 Russian groups surrounded Barda city. In spite of defense of the population, Russians could occupy a city. Big destruction and slaughter was committed in the city. Though Salari ruler Marzuban ibn Mohammad came to help with 30 thousand troops but hearing news on occupation of his lands by Mosul ruler forced him to go back and so it created conditions for Russian groups to stay in the Barda till Aug 12, 945.

In 1088 Seljug troops under commander Buga attacked on Ganja, and took a prisoner latest Shaddadi ruler Fazli. So the Shaddadids states had been put an end.

Teymur troops have surrounded Alinja castle in the Nakhchivan in 1387. They could defend the castle Alinja for 14 years. At the result of confrontations among defenders of the castle it was occupied.

In battle that took place in April 24, 1408 between Miranshah s/of Teymur and Garagoyuns in Sardurud place of South Azerbaijan Garagoyuns won the battle and strengthened its position in Tebriz. At this battle Miranshah was killed.

In battle that took place in Shambi-Qazan near the Tabriz between Qara Yusif of Qaraqoyunlu and Sultan Ahmed of Jalairs in August 30, 1410, Garaqoyunlu gain the victory. After this battle officially Garaqoyunlu state was formed.

In May 10, 1467 the battle took place in Mush plain between Jahanshah of Garagoyunlu and Uzun Hasan of Aggoyunlu and the latter had won the battle and laid a foundation of Aggoyunly state.

In Otlugbeli battle that took place in August 11, 1473 between Aggoyunlu troops and Ottoman troops the Ottoman troops has gained a victory.

In battle that took place in Sharur between Safavids under Ismayil shah and Aggoyunly troops under ruler Alvand Mirza in the summer of the 1501 Safavids won the battle. After this battle Safavids state was formed.

Near Hamadan, in place named Almaqulaghy the battle took place in June 21, 1502 between troops of Shah Ismayil and Murad of Aggoyun, at which Murad Mirza was defeated.

In decisive battle that took place In Khorasan between Uzbek Sheybani khan and Shah Ismayil in Dec 1, 1510, the Uzbek troops were defeated totally and Sheybanı khan had been killed.

In battle of Chaldiran near Maku between Safavids and Ottomans on August 23, 1514 Ottoman troops had gained a victory.

From 1534 till 1554 Ottoman troops under Sultan I Suleiman offended Azerbaijan 4 times. An each time Safavid troops had been defeated.

Irevan castle had been surrounded in Nov 16, 1603 by troops of Safavids under Shah I Abbas and on June 8, 1604 the castle was regained back by Ottomans.

Russian troops have surrounded Baku city in July 6, 1723. Baku city had been occupied in July 27 after long fights.

Ottoman troops attacked Irevan in 1724, and after three months-long siege it was seized in Sep 20.

Ottoman troops could break the resistance of people could seize the Khoy castle after 54 days, in May of 1724.

Ottoman troops had come face to face with Safavid troops headed by Nadir khan in north-west of Echmiadzin in June of 1735.

Agha Mohammad Shah Gajar had attacked North Azerbaijan in 1795. And troops of Gajar that attacked Garabagh, Irevan and Shirvan could win some battles but had been compelled back. Second time, he attacked North Azerbaijan in 1797. As Agha Mohamamd Shah had been killed in Shusha city troops of Gajar had been compelled to leave Azerbaijan.

Russian troops led by Sisyanov had offended Ganja city in the autumn of the 1803. Ganja troops had resisted strongly against Russian troops under Javad khan. But better equipped Russian troops could occupy Ganja in Jan 3, 1804

Russian troops invaded Azerbaijan in 1796. At result of this invasion despite of resistance of khanates of Guba, Baku, Shamakhy and Ganja against Russian troops, but they were subjugated by Russians. Sudden death of Russian Empress Catherine II had prevented the total occupation of Azerbaijan.

Russian troops have attacked Baku city in January of 1806. In February 8, while handing over of keys of town near the Baku city gates  a cousin of Huseynqulu khan Ibrahim bey had shot Sisyanov with bullet and cut his head at night and took it to Tabriz to Abbas Mirza.

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