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Museum of Bread in Aghdam

Museum of Bread in Aghdam is one of the rare museums of the world. The museum was established in November 1983. Unique exhibits in the museum of bread - bread and archaeological finds of grain growing, hand mills, pips, kitchen utensils, old books, manuscripts,  farming tools (sickles, wooden plow, grain crushing unit and so on) and other various materials about the development of the bread culture were available here. At present, the museum was destroyed by the Armenian army. 

Museum Of Long-Livers 
Lerik region of Azerbaijan is known in the world as the land of long-livers. Once over 500 long-livers used to live in Lerik region, which is situated at the mountains. At present, there are over 20 residents with age exceeding 100 years. The museum of long-livers was created just for this purpose.
The building of the only museum in the world was built by using elements of modern architecture. More than 2 thousand exhibits about over 50 Lerik residents with age exceeding 100 years, as well as interesting information, photos were exhibited at the museum having two halls. The author of about 40 photos from the museum, the French photographer Fredrik Lasop  had demonstrated these photos in Paris, at the exhibition Journey to the land of long-livers, organized by him. The museum has corners about the most long living resident of the planet Shirali Muslumov, and also of Mahmud Eyvazov and Majid Agayev.

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