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Azerbaijan State Philharmonic



Azerbaijan State Philharmonic is the concert complex in Baku. The building of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic was constructed during 1910-1920 as the project of the “Building of Social meetings”. 
After the establishment of the Soviet Power in Azerbaijan the ensembles, orchestras and music amateurs that acted separately till 1920, all assembled in this building. On May 25, 1936, the Philharmonic was established in Azerbaijan as in the other republics of USSR (CIS). From 1937, Azerbaijan State Philharmonic is named after Maqomayev. The Philharmonic is the unique popularization center of classical musicians. 
There are 7 bodies in this grandiose concert organization. These are Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra, Azerbaijan State Choral Chapel, Azerbaijan State Camera Orchestra named after G.Garayev, Azerbaijan State Piano Trio, Azerbaijan State String Quartet, The honored Collective named after F.Amirov, Azerbaijan State Song and Dance ensemble and Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Folk Musical Instruments that operates under this body. Besides the collectives that operate within the Philharmonic, the performances of soloists from foreign countries are also organized here regularly. This list include the names of Dmitri Khokhlov, the art director and chief conductor of the Russian State Academic Orchestra named after V.V.Andreyev , Ingeborq Kosmo, the soloist of the Norwegian State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Daniel Grimwood a pianist from Great Britain, Ukrainian People’s Artist, Tatyana Pimenova, the Laureate of the International Competition of Vocalists , Sefika Kutluer, the Turkish flute player, German conductor Pier Domenik Ponnelle and so on.

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