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Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theatre



Pantomime - (Pantomime) is the simplest performance with explanation. It is one of the arts of performance. Briefly, it can be expressed as mimics.
In pantomime the artist tries to explain the theme using mimics, hand, arm and body actions. In a sense, pantomime is accepted as the universal language of theater. The main advantages of this type of theater are its possession the international language.
State Pantomime Theatre May 16, 1994, established by decree of the Minister of Culture on base of Crazy Assembly Pantomime Theatre-Studio and functioned under the Theater of Young Spectators.
The State Pantomime Theatre is the first theater in the history of the Azerbaijani pantomime Theater. The basis of Pantomime Theater in Azerbaijan was laid by honored artists Bakhtiyar Khanizade.
The troupe had prepared following performances: Hope Sh.Bekket / Mime for one actor / - Pantomime Pantomime Bouquet - B. Khanizada - Pantomime, Karol fear - S. Mrojek - experimental performance, I came to be the letter of your sad - Pantomime Ballet based on a poem of M. Fuzuli Leili and Majnun ,Shengul, Shungul, Mangul - M. Musabayov - divertisment-performance, Mangurt Ch. Aitmatov / A day equal to the century on the motives of play/ - Pantomime, Pottery - U. Hajibeyov / What work we do on the basis of feuilleton /- Pantomime, Butterflies of dump - B. Khanızade - Pantomime, Love - B. Khanızade (Plastic thoughts on sonnet of W. Shakespeare), Little Prince - Antuan de Sent Eqsupaeryi-tale-performance, Mask - Zaur Zeyanlov - Pantomime, Framework – A.Abdullayev - Pantomime, Dejavu - S. Hajiyeva - Pantomime and etc.
In 2000, Crazy Assembly – Deli Yiginjagi” Pantomime Theatre-studio was given the status of the State Pantomime Theatre.

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