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Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre



Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre has been created for children in 1931. In separate years (1931-1941, 1946-1950) it functioned as an independent theater, an at certain times as the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators (1941-1946) and the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society (since 1950). It is an independent theater since 1965.
The organizer of the theater, and the first artistic director and chief director was M. Babirli. Theater was a participant of International festivals of Puppet Theatre (Tashkent, 1979, Bombay, 1980) and the South Caucasus (Yerevan, 1982, Tbilisi, 1984). The theater is named after Abdulla Shaig since 1974.
Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre has the Azerbaijan and Russian sections. For the first time in the theater plays of Azerbaijani, Russian and Western European dramatists (in simplified form), works of educational motives based on Azerbaijan oral folk literature were performed. compositions: Haji Gara (M.F.Akhundov), Forced doctor (J.B.Mollier), Almas ( J. Jabbarli), Big Ivan (S.V.Obraztsov), Alexander the Great and the shepherd, Dwarf, Nargis (M. Seyidzade), etc.
Since 6o-ies the theatre sets its repertoire according to the level of minor aged children, pupils. Since 1975 theater performances for adults are staged as well. Three Tales (Abdullah Shaig), Beautiful Fatma (M. Dilbazi), The little girl Tino (L. Babinskaya), Beautiful Vasilisa (Y.Z.Chernyak), Joke (Anar), Three fats» (Y. Olesya), Peri magic (A. Hagverdiyev), Voracious giraffe (Y. Torbai), Snow Maiden (A.A.Ostrovski), etc. are the best performances of the theatre.

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Address: Baku, Neftchiler Avenue, 36
Phone: 492-64-25 cashier box 
Duty men 492-44-58

Performances staged in 1965-2010 

M. Dilbazi Beautiful Fatma
Y. Tarxovskaya By the order of pike»

A.Samadli Grasp all, lose all»
A.Abbasov Goat’s revenge»
H. Nadir Qandali came from moon»

I.Joshqun False friends
A. Nagiyev Trust
M. Seyidzade Dwarf
M. Seyidzade Fearless»

F. Mamedov, Got on own trap
J. Radari Chelsomina»
R. H., The heavens guest»
M. Seyidzade Magic Pomegranate

A.Samadli and A. Gudrat End of hard days
A. Mammadov Brave boys
N. Zamanov and M. Mamedov The Story of Safat

V. Rabada Peri-chained
J. Kharsani and V. Puili Khari Yanos»

A.Samadli Grasp all, lose all»
A.Abbasov Goat’s revenge»

G. Tsiferov and G. Sapqir Brave cosmonauts»
S. Marshall, Whose house is this?

H. Ziya Twin brothers
T. Mutalibov Forest Story»
T. Kazimov Gachag Polad»
Y. Yeliseyev Sembo»
V. Rabada Peri-chained

A. Shaig Three Tales
Anar Joke
L. Babinskaya Little girl Tina»

T. Mutalibov Talking rocks
N.H.Andersen Olye Lukoye or magical umbrellas»

T. Qarabagli Du, du give me way
M. Atash Dwarf
U. Hajibeyov Mashadi Ibad (If not, then this)
N. Dadashova Malchısh Kibalchısh»
N. Qarnet Aladdin’s magic lamp

S. Mammadzade The fate of fox»
R. Moscow Where your run the foal?
V. Livsits and I.Kijanov Mysterious hippopotamus»
Y. Olesya Three fats (in Russian)

Y. Olesya Three fats (in Azeri)
Kh.Alibeyli Junqus»
A.Abbasov Goat’s revenge»

Y.Svarts Red hat
S. Daghly Child must be amused at night»
T. Agayev Dwarf
R.Alizade Inside of the bath»

S. Mikhalkov Three pig-cub
R. Moscow Alibaba and 40 robbers»
T. Agayev Jirtdans’ new adventures»
F. Mamedov «Hungry ear, peaceful ear»

E. Bakhish Malikmammad»
Based on the folktale The Good and Evil

F. Sadiq, Ball»
A.B.Ahmadkhan Talking jug

E. Guliyev and A.Abilov Basat and Cyclope
O. Volzova Magic Well
V. Palchiskayte Hey, you little men»
A.Veliyev Madar’s epos

S.Huseynov Magic Mirror
A.Samadli Forest corner»
Kh.Alibayli Most beautiful
Based on the folktale Cookie

M. Suponi The story of striped»
On the basis of the folktale Goat kids»
Anne Hogart Kind  friends

M. Lermontov Ashiq Garib»

A. Hagverdiyev Peri magic
L. Lopeyskaya and G. Krchulava Stork and scarecrow»
A. Ostrovski Snow Maiden
R.Alizade Sindbad’s travel to the island of happiness

Edi Tarbani Voracious giraffe
H. H. Andersen, Nightingale
K. Aslan Golden Apples

R. Alizada Ms Tig-tig.
J.Alesgarov Strange friends
M.F. Akhundov: Monsieur Jordan and Dervish Mesteli shah
N. Badalov Black color tale»

N. Agayev, Okhay and Ahmad»
N. Peace Baku yard requiem»
S.Perro Blue beard

R.Alizade Bilgamıs legend

 F. Qurbansoy and B.Basqallı My Qırat, my eyes Durat»
H. Huseynov Saz story»
R.Alizade Wedding of bald»
K. Aslan, The eastern tale
B. Brekht Kuraj mother»

R. Alizade Sloven Sona»
R.Alizade Crazy Domrul»
A. Huseynov Bird of happiness

A.Samadli Kates of Jubbul»
R.Alizade Damdabaja
H. Huseynov From howling to bleating»
A. Huseynov Miracle play»

R.Alizade Awkward
M. Guliyev, The judgment of rabbit

R. Alizade Million years BC
R. Alizade Hey, fool

R.Alizade Uncle Alakbar in laugh planet»
R. Alizade Spring Girl Story»
E.Sayye Fire guy
A. S. Pushkin Red rooster
K. Agayeva Beautiful Fatma

R.Alizade Naughty goat kids, such work
S.Huseynov Magic Mirror

M. F. Akhundov Khırs quldurbasan»
A.Aladdin kizi Alakbar uncle in the castle of ogre»
R.Alizade Hunter cat»

A.Samadli «Ms. Jik-Jik
M. Yukhma Mats boy»

Kh.Alibeyli Story of waves»
F. Rzayev Bold athlete»
T. Agayev Brave Ahmad
A. S. Pushkin Red rooster

M. Seyidzade Dwarf
R. Alizade Awkward
L. Hagverdiyeva Maiden Tower
R. Alizade Fantasy

M. F. Akhundov Khırs quldurbasan»
V. Qauf False Prince»
N. Kazimov Aladdin
R. Alizade Flying fox

N. Kazimov Aladdin (in Russian)
A.Abbasov Shengulum, Sungulum»
S.Perro Red hat
O. Arabul Bell from the bottom of the sea

F. G. Lorka Song of Satan»
A. Bunyadzade King
E. Rahimzade Your watch
E. Bakhish Malikmammad»

Based on the Grimm brothers\' tale of the same name Bremen musicians
H. H. Andersen, Thumbelina
Elshad Rahimzade Шт the world of tales

О. Rodari Chipollino (in Russian)
A. Shaig Ms. Tig-tig
K.Sahmardan White and Black
R. Howard, Quyl city or Winter Tale

V. Rabada Tale of Rahman
K. Qotsi Princess Turandot
A.Oruj Belled Cat»
W. Shakespeare A Midsummer Night\'s Dream

R. Alizade Magic Box
W. Shakespeare: Good and Evil
U. Hajibeyov If not, then this

All  performances demonstrated in the current season in the theater
1. Beautiful Fatma
2. Jik-Jik Khanim
3. Malik Mamed.
4. Aladdin
5. Dwarf
6. Shengulum, Sungulum
7. Belled Cat
8 White and Black
9. Thumbelina (in Russian)
10. Brave Ahmad (in Russian)
11. Chipollino (in Russian)
12. A Midsummer Night\'s Dream
13. Magic Box
14. Good and Evil
15 If not, then this
16. Blue beard
17. Little Prince

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