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Azerbaijan State Song Theatre



Azerbaijan State Song Theatre named after Reshid Behbudov was established in 1968 by Rashid Behbudov, the prominent representative of vocal art, people’s artist of the USSR and currently bears the name of its founder. The theatre presented itself as the best and exemplary promoter of the art of music and choreography during the years. Today the repertoire of the theatre contain the works of the national composer such as Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Gara Garayev, Fikret Amirov, Jahangir Jahangirov, Rauf Hajiyev, Tofig Guliyev, Polad Bulbuloglu, Ramiz Mirishli, Faig Suceddinov,Azer Dadashov and so on. The performance of the folk songs, mugams and tesnifs that is the basis of repertoire, keep the style of our great singer Rashid Behbudov till today. Famous masters of art, such as Zaur Rzayev, Natavan Sheykhova, Mubariz Tagiyev, Elkhan Ehedzade, Khedice Abbasova, Azer Zeynalov, Zohre Abdullayeva, Aybeniz Hashimova, Gulyaz and Gulyanaq Memmedovas, Bilal Eliyev, etc, has been working here since the theatre began its activity. Azerbaijan State Song Theatre named after Rashid Behbudov was welcomed with sympathy by the audience in many foreign countries, as well as, USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Germany, Turkey, Russian Federation, etc. In recent years, the creative collective attended the concert program in the opening of “EKSPO-2000” exhibition in Hannover in 2000, it represented  the Azerbaijan Culture during the years of 2001-2002 in Turkey, Moscow, Strasbourg, Austria, in 2003 in Germany in “The Azerbaijan Culture Days”, in 2004 in “Novruz parties” in Yekaterinburg, in 2005 again in Vienna, Austria in the “Azerbaijan Culture Days”, in Chisinau city of Moldova in the International Music Festival called “Mersi Shor”. 

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