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Study and restoration of musical instruments



The level of research of musical instruments allows saying that the independent area of music studies in Azerbaijan instrument studies was developed and formed. Well-known scholars like U. Hajibayov, A.BadaIbeyli, T. Bunyadov, M. Seyidov and S. Abdullayeva had a great role in the creation and development of instrument studies. 
The restoration of the ancient musical instruments, first of all, begins with the study of the Middle East written sources and miniature works of art. Referring to researchers, works of musicologist, examples of classical poetry, folk literature and art of miniature, travel notes of travelers, one can confirm that once in the territory of Azerbaijan string, wind, percussion and musical instruments were spread. This, of course, is evidence of possession by the people of Azerbaijan a rich musical history and instruments.
Deeper layers of the musical culture of Azerbaijan are reflected in monuments of material culture, as well as in archeological research materials. Thus, among the things found in archeological excavations the simple musical instruments can be found. When Mingechevir water basin was built in the 30-es the excavation found wind instruments (pipe, zurna, ney) made of clay and animal bones.  
Music science provides very important information about the musical culture of the ancient instrument studies. In the works of medieval music experts information about the general idea of structure of the musical instruments, sound, number of strings, range, etc. features was provided. From this point of view, the most valuable and extensive information on instrument studies and the development of medieval music was provided works of Safiaddin Urmavi (XIII century) and Abdulqadir Maragi (XIV-XV centuries).
The information about musical instruments existed during XVII, XVIII, XIX centuries can be obtained from the notes and memories of Adam Olear, Engelbert Kempfer, Alexandr Duma, Ovliya Chelebi and others. 
It should be noted that, since 1991 scientific-research laboratory of The restoration and improvement of the musical instruments functions at the Baku Music Academy.  The history  of ancient musical instruments are being studied, the instruments dimensions, material type, construction and installation technology are investigated here. The musical instruments were sounded on the basis of the collected materials after restoration.
Results of studies carried out on the museum exhibits  for the restoration of the ancient instruments were important. In this sense, contribution of laboratory science staff should be noted  particularly. As a result of investigations carried out the musical instruments used in the Middle Ages, and later gradually forgotten but reached our times, like jang, barbat, chagane, chogıtr, santur, tanbur, rubab, rud, gopuz, ney scientifically investigated in the laboratory conditions and had been completely restored. 

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