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On string instruments


According to the kinds and range of spreading stringed instruments have an exceptional place in the musical culture of Azerbaijan.  
thEre are many legends on creation of stringed musical instruments in the written records,. According to legend, the intestine of one animal hunt by the eagle get bound on one tree branches. Later, the dried and tightened intestine creates various music sounds by blow of wind. Hearing heard these sounds the ancient people had invented the first stringed musical instruments. 
There is one fact in this legend. Indeed, historically, the body of stringed musical instruments, the arm and and head were made of different types of trees and curtain fixed on arm from animal intestine on certain method. 
A lot of musical instruments having great historical importance in the development of musical culture of Azerbaijan, were formed from time to time, and had influenced the emergence of modern musical instruments and have reached the present day. 
For the way of playing stringed musical instruments are divided into four groups: 
1. Played with mizrab - tar, saz, oud, kanon, barbat, rud, rubab, gopuz, chogur. 
2. Played with bow r - kamancha, chagane. 
3. Played with finger - jang, shirvan tanbur. 
4.Played with percussion - santur. 

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