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It is an ancient stringed musical instrument. It has been described in the works of classics of the Middle Ages Azerbaijan.
In particular, the rud is considered as the palace musical instrument was used in the territory of Azerbaijan till XVI-XVII centuries. Studies show that the body of first samples of rud was made of pumpkin, and string of silk or gut. Its appearance reminds the pumpkin. Differed from other stringed musical instruments in term of the structure, the half of surface of rud is covered with fish\'s skin and rest with cover made of pine tree. First times it was played with finger, then with mizrab made of soft material.
Its body is made of mulberry, apricot trees, and head and arm of walnut, and tuning peg of pear tree. 12 curtain are bound in arm of rud. It has bam sound. The total length of the instrument is 860 mm, the length of body is 495 mm, width is 335 mm, height is 170 mm, arm’s length is 285 mm.
Sound diapason is from big octave’s mi to the second octave’s si sound.

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