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Wind Instruments Map


The role of wind instruments was invaluable in the development of the national music of Azerbaijan. The first simple examples of these instruments  had been prepared a few thousand years BC from the reed. This tradition continues to this day. At present, a few wind instruments: ney, tutak (pipe), musiqar, sumsu and its types are made of reed. Wind instruments are also made of bone, animal horn, clay, various types of trees, copper and other materials.
Technical and artistic capabilities of wind instruments is not so wide. This, first of all, due to the limitation of their voice diapason . Among wind instruments which is used more is zourna that and its voice structure is not more than two octaves. Wind instruments are various according to the different way of playing.

1. With Mouthpiece: Zourna, Balaban.
2. Without Mouthpiece: ney, pipe, side pipe.
3. Bellows (With Leather): tulum, accordion.

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