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It is considered as ancient musical instruments. Its history of creation dates back to many years of BC. Its various types wide-spread among the peoples of the Middle and Far East, as well as in many countries around the world.
The well-known musician-scientists Abdulqadir Maragi lived and created in XIV-XV centuries, in his Maqasid al-alhan (Aim of songs) works informs about existence of two types of ney that time: the white and black ney. Though ney, which inspired the world with magical sound till the beginning of the twentieth century was completely forgotten, but in recent years it became adornments of musical parties.
White ney is made of reed. Its total length is 550-600 mm, a diameter is 20 mm. The upper part has five, and the lower part one hollow. While playing on white ney artist puts copper tube on the head of instrument between front teeth and blows air there and using tongue and lips can get sounds. Artist by partly or entirely opening hollows gets chromatic sounds.
Modern ney is played from head side, with blowing by lip approximately 50 mm below hole. The most modern of this type is used in the composition of the orchestra with name of flute. At present, many peoples of East call flute with its own names. It is possible to sound mugham, samples of songs and other music in ney.
The diapason of ney is from first octave do to the second octave sol # sound. 

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