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Pipe –tutak



Once  it was a musical instrument mainly used by shepherds. In many countries, various forms of pipe are widespread. In Azerbaijan its large and small types are used in ensembles and the orchestras, mainly as a solo instrument. Its timbre is mild and pleasant.
Tubular body is made of apricot, walnut, mulberry trees, or reed. Its length is 280-300 mm, and diameter is 20 mm.
There are seven hollows in the top part of the body, and six in the lower part. On the head of instrument one wooden cork cut inclined, is entered in the pipe. Special size space is kept between cork and body to blow air accumulated in oral cavity, from that part to body of pipe. By opening and closing hollows with right and left hand’s fingers the sound timbers can be obtained.
Its sound structure is from small octave si sound to third-octave do sound. Skilled performers can add a few sounds, too. 

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