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It is leather made wind musical instrument once widely spread in Garabagh, Lachin, Gazakh, Tovuz and Nakhchivan. At present, it is found only in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. Likewise other wind musical instruments tulum has a very ancient history. Scientists refer the date of creation of tulum to the period of formation of classes of the society. At present, various types of tulum with different names are widely used in the Caucasus, as well as among a number of European nations. Cattle-breeding, especially, sheep-breeding nomadic tribes use tulum widely. Sometimes it  is called as “tulum zourna” as sound timbre resembles to  zourna’ s timbre.
Tulum is made of sheep or goats skin softened and tanned by special way. Two foots of whole peeled skin are closed firmly. From the rest two to other bone or reed made tube with cork – for air filling and to other tow double tube for playing on instrument are fixed. 7 hollows are opened with length of 260-280 mm on those bodies.
While player makes the air to fill by slightly pressing the tulum kept in left armpit the fingers of both hands are used to close and open hollows on body and to get the desired sound timbre and volume. The melody is played on the first tube and the tune of that melody is kept on the second tube.
Tulum, mainly is used as a solo instrument, and in some cases by balaban players. 

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