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It is stringed musical instrument played with mizrab. It was used widely in the Middle Ages in Azerbaijan. In works of Nizami, Nasimi, Fizuli, S. A.. Shirvani, and many other classics the description of rubab is given. According to Al-Farabi, prominent scholar who lived in the X century, rubab is the Eastern musical instrument of ancient origin. It was known among the Central Asian nations with the different types - kashqar rubab, Tajik rubabı. 
Starting from the XVIII century, the rubab was gradually forgotten, and could not reached until out times. Presently rubab , which played an important role in the history of the musical culture, again restored and sounded.
Rubab consists of specific body and long arms. Body is made of mulberry, walnut or beech, and arm of of walnut wood. The surface of body is covered with fish skin or cover made of heart curtain of ox, and two double and a single string made of intestine, is attached. It has 18 curtain in arm. The total length is 910 mm, the width  of body is 210 mm, height is 80 mm.
Its diapason is from big octave’s si to second octave’s mi sound. 

Oxunub: 171448