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About the Flag


Flag is a state attribute showing one state, organization, structure or union, mainly being of cloth, a state symbol,  which is taken front during wars, revolutions, demonstrations,  taken over heads of people,  being fixed at pillar of in front of  buildings of various organizations and representing  of that organization,  laid on grave of martyrs. Each color and symbol on this flag has own meaning.
Being of the state attributes of Azerbaijan Republic, symbol of statehood its National Flag – is a State Flag.  The State flag of Azerbaijan Republic is symbol of sovereignty of Azerbaijani state.

Symbols of tricolor flags 
The idea of tricolor flag was put forward by one of the ideologists of the Azerbaijani independence Ali bey Huseynzade.
The National flag of the Azerbaijan Republic consists of three equal wide horizontal stripes. Upper stripe is in blue, middle stripe is red and lower stripe is green color. Eight-pointed star and crescent of white color had been described in the middle of the red stripe in the both sides of the flag. Correlation of width of flag to the length is 1:2.
Blue color –means Turkic origin of Azerbaijani people, blue color is connected with idea of Turkism. There are various explanations about preference of blue color by Turks. Lots of ancient monuments have been built in the territories settled by Turkish speaking people being of the Islam religion and majority of these monuments were in the blue color. Therefore blue color has a symbolical meaning. Blue color once reflected grandeur of the Elkhaniler period in XIII century, their victory marches.
Red color – means to build modern society, to develop democracy, in brief modernization and development. At the end of XVIII after French bourgeois revolution in connection with development of the capitalism the great progress occurred in European countries. There was a struggle of proletariat against the capitalism system. Red color was turned to the symbol of the Europe in these years. 
Green color - it expresses the affiliation to the Islamic civilization, Islam religion. 
Three colors of the flag hoisted: Turkic national culture, Moslem civilization and modern European democratic bases.
Crescent and eight-pointed star described in the middle of the flag at red color. According to information of historians when tricolor flag was accepted as the State Flag by the Peoples Republic though it was shown what do the colors on it mean but the meaning of crescent and eight-pointed star had not been explained. There are different thoughts about meanings of crescent and the eight-pointed star on the flag 

Explanation of the eight-pointed star and crescent 
Crescent once had been coat of arms of the capital of the Byzantine Empire Constantinople. Aftre Turks had captured that city in 1453 that coat of arms was accepted by Ottoman Empire as one of the symbols of Islam religion and it passed to another peoples of same religion, too. Crescent on flag is the symbol of the Turkic people. Regarding meaning of the eight-pointed star it is connected with method of writing of "Azerbaijan" word in the old alphabet. So, "Azerbaijan" word is written with eight letters in the old alphabet.
Meaning of the eight-pointed star in the history is explained as:  Turkism, Islamism, Modernity, Statehood, Democracy, Azerbaijanism and Culture. Star on Azerbaijani flag had been used in the architecture style widely and eight corners, eight is the symbol of the Turkic people.

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