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Museum of the National Flag


Opening of the museum of National flag has been in the 9th of November 2010, at day of the National flag. Museum created in the form of eight-pointed star is located in the Square of the National flag under the pedestal of the flag pillar.
At the museum built and designed by Azerbaijani architects and designers, by using modern technologies the flags of the states as well as khanates existed at Azerbaijani territories a various times, including restored flag of Irevan khanate are exhibited. And there are tip elements of flags of XVII-XVIII centuries, the national emblems, the brochures of the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic adopted at various years in the museum. Postal marks, specimen of money, order and medals are exhibited in the museum. State flags kissed by Heydar Aliyev and Ilham Aliyev at inauguration after being elected, the flag of Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, battle flags of types of military units and ceremonial clothes are exhibited at exhibition stands.
Certificate of the Guinness, Book of World Records, affirming that pillar of Azerbaijani National Flag is the highest in the world, different books, photo, and the flag which had been fluttered at the building of the Embassy of Azerbaijan People Republic in Turkey during years 1918-1920 are also exhibited at the Museum of the National Flag. Many of these exhibits are demonstrated here for the first time. There is multimedia device in the museum, too.

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