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One of the highest flag of the world


One of the highest flag of the world is Azerbaijani flag fluttering in the square of the National Flag in Baku. Organization of the world records Guinness has affirmed in May 29, 2010 that the highest flag pillar of the world is state flag of Azerbaijan. The National Emblem of Republic of Azerbaijan, the text of the National Anthem and the Map of the country, which were installed at square, have been prepared from bronze in gilded water. Museum of the National flag has been created in the square, too.
Foundation of the square of the National flag has been laid at Bayil settlement of Baku in Dec 30, 2007 near to Naval Base. Azenko company of Azerbaijan had executed the project prepared by Trident Support company of the United States of America.
The height of the constructed pillar is 162, the diameter of the foundations is 3,2, the diameter of  the top of the foundation is 1,09 meters. Total weight of the device is 220 tons. The width of the flag is 35 meter, the length is 70 meters, the total area is 2450 sq.meters, and the mass is approximately is 350 kg. The weight of the flag increases twice in wet conditions. About 28 millions river rocks brought from many regions of the country were used in the construction of the wall of the pedestal of the pillar at which the tricolor flag flutters and the walls of the castle were created symbolically at surroundings of the flag.
Inauguration of square of the National flag and solemn hoisting of the National flag had been implemented in September 1, 2010. 
10 millions manat had been allocated to the Baku City Executive Authority from Presidential Fund included in the state budget of Republic of Azerbaijan for 2009 for purposes of construction-installation and accomplishment works in the square of National flag located in Baku city. 

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