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The philosophy of \"Brothers of purity\"


In the middle Ages, open struggle between religion and bidat often have serious consequences. Because of this, “Brothers Purity” formed at the end of the tenth century, secretly worked.  Although their central body was located in the Iraqi city Basra, their members were from all the Muslim East countries, including Azerbaijan.
A significant impact on creativity Brothers purity of the ideological currents of Shiism, speaking against the caliphate, and in particular Ismaili batinizma, clearly seen. Simultaneously, the Brothers of purity, as the opposition-scholastics, called himself a native justice and blessing children.
Brothers purity spreads philosophical and scientific knowledge among people in order to give philosophical direction to religion. They believed that through the teachings that they created shortened way to get the blessing from God. According to this teaching Shariat spoiled with ignorance. It’s clearing and puring is only possible through the philosophy. Because it covers mind, truth and diligent advise. Has shown that to achieve perfection is necessary to combine Greek philosophy and Islamic Shariat.
The Brothers purity consists of 52 treaties, divided into four parts: 14 treatises on mathematics, 17 treatises on natural science, 10 treatises on the soul and mind, 11 treatises on the divine law and shariat. In the treatises on mathematics, appreciated the value of learning mathematics. In his treatise on the numbers indicated that the substance of the soul as a relationship and correspondence with the numbers, there are a number of properties according to the matter of existence. In his treatise on geometry, the focus is on the right direction feelings (desires) in the transition from items sensitive to mental, physical from the spiritual values, of concrete things to abstract. In other treatises, the question is to enrich the human mind knowledge, the mastery of his powers of cognition, and, finally, its perfection and purification of prejudice.
The ideas of Pythagoras and his followers take an important place in the existence teaching of Brothers of purity. In a treatise on the metaphysics of Pythagoras described as a scientist, who first pointed out the role and features of the science of numbers.
According to the Brothers of purity, philosophers, scientists and sages have talked about the basics of life and the basis of existing values. Thought that came to mind one group is different from the thoughts of others. For instance, dualists thought about duality, nasranis – trio, naturalists - four, Khurramis - five, others six, others - seven, eight, nine, etc. Each tribe, expressing its thoughts invented, passed the brink of logical thinking, and under the influence of this idea did not recognize anything else.
Brothers of purity believes that it is not correct to limit the existing thins only duality, trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, etc., and shared Pifagor’s thought and see the things as full form.
Brothers of purity, described the concept of emanation, according to which of the One (Creator God) comes the World Mind, then the world soul, then the first matter. The concept of emanation of The Brothers purity of all material and spiritual symbolism of numbers is characterized by which the mind is equated duality, passion (desire) - Trio, the primary material - the four, nature - the top five, the body - six, heaven - seven, the elements – eight. Mixed - nine. \'Spawn\', consisting of four elements (earth, water, air, fire) are the highest level.
In the trio The Brothers purity, as well as in the writings of the Eastern Peripatetics, the notion of matter and form are interpreted in relation to each other.
In the treatise The Brothers purity of interesting conclusions are also presented on the types of movement. In their view, the movement is divided into six types: the emergence, disappearance, acceleration, reduction, change and movement. Moving - is a transition element in the byte out of nothing or of potentiality to actuality. Disappearance - is the reverse process. Change - change of certain properties of color, taste, smell, etc. The movement, called the move - a move the body from one place to another. Human knowledge, according to the teachings of The Brothers purity, carried out in three ways: through the senses, reason and intuition, as a way to get information simply does not exist.
Brothers purity of human thought small world, as well as the world called a great man.
Because of the critical approach to existing problems, as well as advocated by the scientific, philosophical views of society treatises Brothers purity were included in the long list of banned literature. However, despite the ban on the use of these valuable works were widely spread in the countries of the Middle East affecting the Western countries through Spain.

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